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Hire a car on the Gold Coast!

Are you ready to have an epic adventure full of sunshine, beaches, nightlife and suburban culture? You will be able to get all that and more when visiting the Gold Coast.

Known for its long stretch of golden sand beaches, plazas, esplanades and shopping complexes, there will be plenty for you to see and do when visiting the Gold Coast.

Whether you are visiting for a short business trip or a family holiday, renting a car and getting around the Gold Coast at your own pace will be an enjoyable experience.

Should you hire a car from Gold Coast Aiport?

Gold Coast airport is located at the southern point of the Gold Coast. If you are flying into the Gold Coast, then it would be wise to rent a vehicle from there. However, if you are arriving in the centre (around Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach or Southport), then it would be wiser to rent a vehicle from around the central Gold Coast region as it is up to 30 minutes drive from the airport.

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Family car hire options on the Gold Coast

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Where else can you hire a car on the Gold Coast?

You will easily find rental options around Southport, Surfers Paradise and Cooloongatta. There are also options for car rental in Broadbeach.

Is it possible to get one-way car hire from the Gold Coast?

Absolutely! It’s actually common for people to rent one-way vehicles along the Australian East Coast. Some of the common routes include:

There’s likely to be a one-way surcharge added into the rental fee. However, it should still work out to be cost-effective.

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