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Imagine being able do rent a luxury car for $50-100 per day?

Have you always dreamed of driving an exotic car like a Lamborghini, Porsche, or Bentley? On Car Hire and Rental, you can select a luxury sports car, sedan, or SUV to stay comfortable on your next vacation or family trip.

If you’re after something even more exhilarating, we also have a selection of exotic models for an exceptional experience.

What is an Exotic Car?

‘Exotic car’ is a term that describes many vehicles with eccentric features. They look peculiar and often incorporate different materials.

An exotic car’s unique look or style is not meant for general consumers. Still, a common vehicle may become exotic with few adjustments.

If you can’t afford an exotic car, you can hire an exotic car and try it. Car Hire and Rental has evolved and has developed a vast fleet of exotic car hires that go with your style. Hiring and driving an exotic car from our fleet is more than just having a dream come true. It can also give you a relaxing and pleasant ride.

What Makes a Car Exotic?

Many assume that an exotic car requires unusual built-in features. Others believe they must possess more than 600 hp or more, the kind of thrilling muscle that sets your stomach firmly in your throat. Some buyers may assume that the country of origin is vitally essential, with several representatives of exotic cars from Italy and France.

Whatever you deem exotic, it should give you a thrill and comfort.

Generally, exotic cars are sports vehicles. Think of the types of cars you normally don’t see on the lane. You may see an Audi, but how ordinary is it to come across a Ferrari on your morning commute?

Exotic cars are mainly built and sold by international car manufacturers. It provides them just enough secrecy to be genuinely referred to as exotic.

How Does It Differ from Luxury Cars?

Anything above the standard vehicle you would find is a luxury car. It has a luxurious feel and boosts your self-esteem whenever you sit behind the wheel or in the passenger seat.

Car Hire and Rental’s definition of luxury vehicles is vast and depends on your preferences. Consider whether a particular model qualifies in these terms:

  • What exactly do you feel when you sit behind the wheel?
  • Do spectators automatically associate a sense of differentiation with the car manufacturer?
  • Are you becoming more appropriate by driving this car?

If the response is yes to all of these, the odds are that you’re talking about a luxury car.

Why Should You Try an Exotic Car Hire?

Renting an exotic car for a particular event is always an exciting experience. You get to drive something that most people usually wouldn’t be able to afford, and you might even have the chance to take it on some spirited drives.

The joy of driving such a fast and pricey car can last well after the event has ended. However, before renting an exotic vehicle, familiarise yourself with its features and capabilities, as you should consider many essential factors beforehand.

For example, find out how many miles you can drive your rental car and its fuel policy. Several exotic cars are high-performance vehicles that guzzle gasoline, so it’s crucial to know how much you’ll be spending on fuel. It would be best if you also asked about the restrictions that may apply, such as not being permitted to take the car out of the state or country.

Here are some more reasons you should hire an exotic car.

Make an event more memorable

How often have you been invited to an out-of-town wedding and seen yourself driving there in your family’s minivan?

It doesn’t matter how extravagant the bride’s dress is or how much time the groom spends in his tuxedo. When he catches you pulling up in that minivan, it just isn’t going to feel like quite the occasion.

It’s not about how nice the clothes you wear, but about what kind of car you arrive in!

Most people establish their impression of someone based on what type of car they drive. A person who drives a luxury vehicle will seem more successful than one who arrives by public transportation.

Renting an exotic car is the way to go if you want to make a unique event even more memorable. You’ll surely turn their heads when you pull up in a Lamborghini or Ferrari. And if you’re trying to impress, consider renting a Rolls Royce or Bentley. These cars will create an impression and show everyone you know how to live in style.

Not only will you smell like a million bucks driving around in one of these cars, but you’ll also be the cause of envy for everyone else at the event.

More luxurious than traditional cars for rent

Exotic cars often look more luxurious than traditional rental cars. They come with all the bells and whistles, like heated seats to robust engines that can take you anywhere you want.

An exotic car is perfect if you’re looking for a car that makes you feel like a superstar. However, here are a few things to consider when renting an exotic car:

  1. They tend to be more pricey than traditional cars for rent. So, if you’re on a tight budget, it might be best to select something else.
  2. They demand more care and attention than regular cars. Read the manual carefully to learn how to properly operate all of its features.
  3. Prepare yourself for a lot of attention when driving in an exotic car. Everyone will want to know how you got it and how much it cost.

An exotic car is a way to go if you enjoy a luxurious and exciting rental car experience. Just be sure to budget accordingly and take care of the car adequately while driving it.

They provide a unique driving experience.

When most people think of renting an exotic car, they normally think of luxury events such as weddings or proms. While those are definitely great occasions to rent an exotic car, there are many other reasons you might want to do so.

For example, renting an exotic car can deliver a unique driving experience that impresses your guests. Doing so can also be an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion or milestone.

No matter the reason, renting an exotic car will create any event more memorable and enjoyable.

You can select from various makes and models.

When you want to create a statement with your transportation, renting an exotic car is the way to go. You can select from various makes and models to see the perfect car for your needs. Whether you’re looking for something elegant and stylish or powerful and imposing, there’s sure to be an exotic car that will fit the bill.

Thanks to the growing popularity of exotic car rental services, it’s more effortless than ever to get behind the wheel of one of these incredible machines. Not only will you make a statement with your rental, but you’ll also enjoy a spectrum of benefits from driving an exotic car.

These cars are sure to turn heads wherever you take them. So, if you’re looking for extra attention, an exotic car is an excellent way to get it. What’s more, exotic cars frequently come with impressive performance specs.

Get\ exceptional customer service.

Suppose you are looking for a fun, exciting, memorable experience. One way to do that is by renting an exotic car from Car Hire and Rental. You can select from a wide variety of cars to make your day that much more pleasurable.

Exotic car rental companies often deliver excellent customer service, so you can relax and enjoy your special day without stressing about the details. This includes identifying where to park the car or how it will get there. Your car rental company has taken care of all those little details, so all you need to do is show up at the designated time with your ID, and they’ll take care of everything else.

Brands That Make Exotic Cars

Renters looking for exotic cars expect vehicles with top-notch features, finishes, and performance. Luckily, such automobiles have improved significantly in the past decades.

Undaunted in their periods by the existing domain of possibility, the great supercar developers insinuate a spark of wonder into a world that often settles for the mundane. 

Car Hire and Rental offers exotic cars from the best manufacturers. Here are some of them:


The best terms to describe a Bugatti are remarkable, captivating, unique, fast, and striking. This direction has resulted in quick, high-performance vehicles that do not compromise on fashion and artistic design.

You can encounter many incredible models while driving a stunning exotic car like Bugatti, delivering a record-breaking and turning a simple driving style into the most spectacular experience.


It is the connoisseur of the best exotic cars. Lamborghini rental has brought to life our imagination by mastering vehicles’ layout, which offers us a peek into cars’ future.

Lamborghini was always a tremendous high-end living company. It is among the best car manufacturers, so why not go around driving in a Lamborghini?


The name ‘Ferrari’ dominates the automotive industry. Overall, Ferrari has successfully grown its reputation as it is known for its quality, ideal vehicles. The brand’s spirit gives its end users cars that do not disappoint.

Fortunately, you can choose to rent Ferraris at Car Hire and Rental. We do this because we want you to enjoy your vacation lavishly.


Today, McLarens’ legacy remains in Formula One racing and exotic cars. It’s among the most sophisticated vehicles we’ve ever included in our exotic car hire catalogue. That’s because McLarens are famous for their design and engine elegance.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce has caught the eyes of the wealthy and those who marvel at their status and the simpler pleasures. The RR logo never turned in the wheels, which explains the company’s appreciation for its vehicles. Therefore, the Car Hire and Rental offers you an extraordinary chance to rent a Rolls Royce.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental?

Make a splash on a holiday or a day trip! Discover Car Hire and Rental’s widest selection of exotic and luxury cars.

Red carpet ready

Have a moment every time you pull up somewhere by selecting from various vehicles that’ll blow your socks off. Make an entrance on a big date night or turn a particular event into a breathtaking experience.

Undeniable power

For those who worship driving, a high-performance luxury car can help you get your fix. A powerful, stylish ride is just the thing you require for a genuinely joyful driving experience.

Luxe business trip

In town for work? Look for a luxurious, superb vehicle to impress your clients or explore the city in a whole new way while enjoying a relaxing ride. Consider scanning full-size luxury sedans or other stunning models to find what you need.

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