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Car Hire and Rental is the specialist for luxury vehicle hire. We offer a wide range of luxury cars, and our vehicles are carefully selected for their reputation, style and performance.

We take pride in offering an excellent selection of luxury hire cars, whether you want to hire a luxury saloon for important business engagements or a convertible sports car for a special night out.

What is a ‘Luxury Car’ in Car Hire?

In car rental, ‘luxury’ or ‘premium’ cars are perfect for travelling in style. These are cars created by high-end manufacturers with luxury features, a sleek look, comfy seats, stylish interiors and powerful engines, for example.

Luxury cars typically fit five people, with two large suitcases and two small suitcases. Depending on where you rent, you’ll also discover luxury estate cars, SUVs and crossovers.

Rental companies modify their fleet frequently and often don’t know precisely which cars will be available. That’s because some vehicles will require cleaning, servicing, repairing and replacing. This is why every rental car has ‘or similar’ next to the make and model you desire.

If you rent a luxury car, the ‘or similar’ options will be other luxury cars. However, some car hire companies will guarantee a specific model for their premium or luxury cars.

Luxury and Premium Cars: What’s the Difference?

The automotive industry isn’t as black and white as it used to be. There were two basic classes of cars in the past: luxury and affordable.

But times have changed. Over the last decade. There has been a shift in the ‘premium’ car and truck category. The premium and luxury categories are comparable, but they have few distinguishable characteristics.


The most apparent similarities are in technology and safety features. Premium and luxury vehicles are generally fitted with the most up-to-date technology and safety features that are not common in all cars. These tech features include bigger touchscreens, preventive safety tech and an array of cameras. 

Also, luxury and premium cars typically include high-end materials and finishes on the interior and exterior. High-end interior elements incorporate leather seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated seating, ventilated seating and a name-brand stereo kit.

The exterior components generally possess bigger and better quality wheels, name-brand tires, a sunroof if available, tinted windows and window shades.


So, what are the distinctions if these two types of vehicles are so alike? 

Premium cars are the highest trim level of a certain model. For example, Chrysler 300 Limited is the standard trim, and the Chrysler 300C Platinum is the premium car trim. The premium car trim includes all the bells and whistles and is filled with name-brand products; the standard trim may have some of those features.

Another notable difference is the value. Premium cars are commonly less well-perceived when it comes to status. For example, someone who drives a Lexus is someone of a certain level or image of wealth. In contrast, someone who drives a premium version of the Kia Optima (Overland) is just seen as someone who drives an Optima.

To some, the status and name brand are worth the value, whereas others like the features at a lower expense. This distinguishes between a $50,000 vehicle and an $80,000+ vehicle.

Premium and Luxury Vehicles at Car Hire and Rental

Car Hire and Rental knows luxury. We have one of the largest selections of used luxury vehicles in Australia. Since they are used, you acquire luxury quality and feel at a more affordable price.

If you are looking for a distinct luxury brand, check out our inventory. From luxury sports coupes to SUVs and sedans, we have something for you here.

If you still aren’t interested in an imported or luxury brand car, that’s okay! We also have several top-of-the-line premium models, and we will have something that suits your car needs.

Why You Should Hire a Luxury Car

Due to the costs of purchasing and maintaining one, not everyone can own a luxury vehicle. For some people, owning a luxury car might be a lifelong ambition, and some will have to place a lot of effort into achieving this. Some people will also require saving for a long time before succeeding.

Because of the benefits connected to owning a luxury car, families and organisations have traditionally needed to do so. A luxury has advantages associated with both buying and renting it. Some people assume that renting makes more sense.

The following are key benefits of renting a luxury vehicle instead of buying one:

There are no upkeep or repair expenditures.

One advantage of renting a premium vehicle is the absence of maintenance and repair expenses. A rented car does not need maintenance. The rental agency will handle all upkeep, improvements, and repairs when you rent a luxury vehicle.

To save time, you should inform the rental company once a portion of the automobile breaks down so they can repair it or switch you out for another vehicle. On the other hand, owners of luxury vehicles are accountable for the total cost of all repairs, upkeep, and modifications.

More flexibility as to what model and brand to rent.

Renters can rent any model of car and brand to select from. Luxury car owners are confined to the options they have bought for themselves. Even though they intend to continue driving the expensive vehicle, they may sell it or trade it for another.

Lower insurance rates

While car hire companies must maintain a rental insurance policy, tenants must hold a renter’s insurance coverage. This sort of insurance is substantially less pricey and covers almost everything owned.

Flexibility to downsize

Renters can decide to downgrade to more reasonably priced luxury vehicles. Those who prefer an alternative that suits their budget have access to this freedom.

Due to the expenses associated with purchasing and selling a luxury car, getting rid of an expensive luxury vehicle is far more complicated. If a rental company has paid a lot of money for improvements, the rent price might not cover these fees. Hence, the rent becomes affordable.

Renting a luxury car trims off debts.

Renting helps you avoid incurring obligations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, which makes it preferable to buying a luxury car. Since most people cannot afford a new luxury car, they may borrow money from the bank to achieve their dream. Buying a luxury car is expensive, so most individuals rent one instead.

It gives you the edge in renting the latest luxury car

While car owners are confined to the option they’ve purchased for themselves, car renters can select the latest or from a wide range of vehicles without any restriction of any form.

You enjoy all the comfort you wish in an elegant and exquisite style.

Renting a luxury car conveys comfort while in transit.

Owning a luxury car can benefit rental companies due to the amount they receive in their luxury cars. Renters have yet to show for years of rental payments.

However, renting might be a better choice for those who want to bypass the hassles of luxury car ownership and upkeep costs. Of course, it depends on a person’s lifestyle, financial situation, and whether they will work longer to obtain It.

Car Hire and Rental is customer-centric, and we provide excellent service to satisfy our clients’ demands. We assign you drivers that are qualified and adhere to traffic laws. Before delivery, we thoroughly clean, sanitise, and check each automobile to deliver a hassle-free and secure experience.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Luxury Car Hires

Renting a luxury car in Australia or anywhere else is something we should do more often. Driving a luxury or exotic car will make any journey a better experience.

However, a few things must be regarded when renting a luxury car.

Make the most out of the usually pricey car rental experience. We provide you with a heads-up on what you require to be aware of when renting a luxury car:

Do your research ahead of your trip.

Being unexpected is good. But you must make a reservation to avoid ending up with a hatchback instead of your dream car.

Plan ahead and make a reservation to reserve your supercar before the arrival at your destination. Ask yourself where you want to drive your car. With all that dreaming going on, remember to assess practicality and price.

Ask for a Model Guarantee

Secure the actual luxury or exotic car model you want. Make sure the model is ensured. There will always be a delay, but from our experience, most of the time, the cars reserved are delivered. 

Consider the size of your baggage to conform to your supercar

SUVs are usually not the problem; lots of bags for your trip are no concern. The space in supercars, however, is typically minimal. The solution can be:

  • Prepare your journey as a loop and return to the same hotel where you can stow more oversized bags.
  • Try to pack less and leave your hard-case Samsonite at home.

Beyond the sport-cars, the Porsche models make an exception. It can hold enough room for two carry-on luggage and extra space on the back seat. 

But in general, we suggest taking a maximum of two carry-on-size bags for a supercar like a Ferrari 488. Preferably, soft cases that you can provide a little squeeze. 

That said, also Ferrari offers the GTC4Lusso, a family car with adequate luggage capacity. And Lamborghini presents the Urus, the second SUV model in their history.

Avoid One-Way Rentals to save

Deliveries of luxury cars are typically done on the back of a truck. The expenses for trucking and driver can easily surpass the cost for a rental day, depending on the distance between the garage and your location. This brings us to the following logical advice: 

Rent from major cities

If you can begin your luxury car rental from a major city and return to the same destination, you can dodge substantial delivery fees. Deliveries and collections at isolated locations, like Lake Como, can be managed. But it will cost you additional.

Keep an eye on the included mileage.

Think about the overall mileage you require on your trip before renting your luxury car to stop expensive surprises for extra mileage. 

The included mileage is frequently limited to 150 kilometres per day. That’s not a lot, and for a Ferrari, a single extra kilometre can easily cost between 4 and 9 Euros, depending on the model of the car. Even in Switzerland, that’s a lot of coffee.

Avoid half days on a luxury car rental.

Generally, car rental contracts will calculate any started rental period of 24 hours and less as a full rental day. The difference with a luxury car hire is that the daily fee is much higher. Evade half days if you can. 

For example, consider paying for a chauffeured car to pick you up from the airport and take delivery of your supercar only the following evening before the actual trip starts. Save a full rental day fee on the few miles between the local airport and your hotel.

Know your coverage

Deposits for luxury cars differ depending on make and model and are typically held as a reservation on the renter’s credit card. And there is no such thing as zero-liability insurance coverage. Luxury car deposits can easily exceed EUR 10000.- benchmark. To minimise your risk, you should: 

  • Inspect your own private travel insurance. Many insurance policies contain rental cars, sometimes confined to a certain amount. We suggest always travelling with adequate insurance coverage.
  • Contact your credit card issuer and check if fees for eventual damages would be covered by the potentially incorporated travel insurance. Usually, you would be needed to use the card as the form of payment for your luxury car rental. If you want to utilise the same card to guarantee the deposits, ensure your balance is high enough to include other trip expenses.

Accept and enjoy the extra service.

Renting a luxury or exotic car should also include an additional service layer. Avoid spending on airport taxes and have your luxury car rental delivered to the doorstep of your home or hotel. 

Listen carefully to your handover agent for a short briefing

Unless you have the same car in your own garage, you should always permit your car rental agent to provide you with quick instructions on your rented luxury car. 

You might miss out on one of the fantastic features that an exotic car often comes with. Luxury and exotic cars usually have technology that isn’t very common. Sometimes that tiny extra button on the dashboard makes the driving experience even more fun.

Of course, the basics are generally the same. But not everybody will understand that a Porsche injection is found left of the steering wheel or that a Ferrari’s start button is usually placed right on top of the same. Imagine how awkward that moment will be, not being able to drive off after rejecting a briefing. 

Knowing how to unlock the fuel cap on a supercar is also very helpful. This can save you much of your precious time at the gas station. And this laughing stare from the gas station workers. 

Some car manufacturers get clever about hiding their cars’ essential functions. So knowing how to seal the roof when rain is on the horizon can be handy. 

Examine the luxury car

(Most) car rental agencies will do their best to ensure you aren’t held responsible for damage you didn’t cause. However, cars are frequently turned around fast, and even the most thorough inspector can miss a detail. 

Take your time to do a detailed walk-around and inspect the car for any pre-existing damage to bypass obscurities when returning the car. Ensure you have all scratches, dents and other marks recorded on your car rental contract check-out form. 

Keep an eye on the rims. Take a photo of each rim (and the entire car) with your smartphone to confirm you have a time-stamped photo and proof of any older damages that might have existed before your rental.

Take your time for the car return and ensure, when inspecting the car back in, to get a signature to verify everything is in order and you’ve been on time. 

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental

We are specialists in luxury vehicle hire in Australia. At Car Hire and Rental, we put service first and work hard to ensure your experience is as effortless as possible. This includes a quick price quote, a straightforward booking experience, multiple location pick-up and delivery options, competitive terms and minimum paperwork. 

The Car Hire and Rental vehicles cover luxury hire vehicles for every occasion. From high-calibre executive essentials to fabulous weekends away, we have the perfect vehicle to meet your exact needs.

With our honest and transparent pricing policy, you see the price you pay – no gimmicks or hidden fees and definitely no hard sell when you collect your car.

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