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A day is more than enough for numerous people to experience the thrill of driving a supercar or any other luxury vehicle. In fact, for many people driving a supercar is included on their bucket list. 

Do you want to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or something more understated such as the Range Rover? We can deliver these vehicles to you.

At Care Hire and Rental, we offer preferential rates and a price match guarantee to ensure we can deliver any luxury vehicles listed on our website for a day’s hire at the lowest prices. You can enjoy the magical experience of driving a luxury car for 24 hours and have that memory etched in your mind. Hiring a luxury vehicle for the day has never been more effortless or cost-effective!

If you plan to buy a luxury supercar, renting one for the day allows you to thoroughly test it before making a purchase. After all, spending over $100,000 on a vehicle is a major decision you must not take lightly.

We have generous daily mileage limits, enabling you to escape from the city for the day and test the engine on the open roads. The best part is that your rental car can be collected and delivered to you for your convenience.

If you would like to hire any of our luxury vehicles for the day, talk to one of our consultants who can help you create a bespoke quote for you.

The Difference Between a Sports Car, Supercar and Exotic Cars?

The preference for car makes and types available out there continues to diversify. That’s why the latest designs of cars are produced using cutting-edge techniques and are packed full of technology.

The possibilities seem endless, from general cars and electric vehicles to sports and exotic cars! However, many won’t know the difference between some of the newest cars added to the ever-growing list.

So, what are the differences between a sports car, a supercar, and an exotic car?

Sports Cars

Many will consider a sports car as an upgrade from your standard commuting car to a more agile and nimble model. Sports cars are ideal for drivers who want a vehicle with dynamic performance and are still appropriate for daily driving.

Those who enjoy the thrill of driving will frequently opt for a sports car as the acceleration and handling are incomparable to that of a regular car. This makes the driving experience more satisfying for the end user.


Supercars are high-performance luxury types of sports cars. This means their design contains premium car parts and has more power and advanced technology.

Although still categorised as ‘street legal’, supercars are rare and more challenging to handle than sports cars. This adds to the usability aspect but does not restrict how often you can drive your supercar. 

Compared to sports cars, supercars tend to be more pricey and exclusive. Supercar insurance might be more expensive than sports car insurance because of the vehicle’s superior power and market value. Then again, if you are investing in such a prestigious vehicle, surely you’d put great importance on obtaining quality supercar insurance.

Whether you are looking for Aston Martin, Bentley or a car for any model classified as a supercar, certain factors will help lower the price or enhance the cover. These factors will alter but usually incorporate the driver’s age, supercar value, or the car’s age, to name a few.

Exotic Cars

Exotic cars surpass the bounds of a supercar with a higher degree of amenity for optimum performance. These types of models are created with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren are some well-known brands making exotic cars. Because of the speed they can reach, these vehicles might not be appropriate for a daily commute.

Exotic cars consist of some of the most undivided top-performing cars on the planet. Due to the limited numbers built, exotic cars are considered rare than supercars.

Why is it Better to Hire a Sports Car?

Sports car hire has several advantages, aside from getting behind the wheel of a world-renowned vehicle.

When you have a luxury selection available, you can guarantee a high-quality driving experience and absolute safety on the road. These beautiful machines are drafted for peak performance, ideal for hiring for a trip or driving around town.

These vehicle choices will turn heads, whether for business or pleasure. Read on to learn more about the benefits of these rentals.

Absolute Comfort

These cars deliver luxury comfort while driving, whether around town or across the country. These low-down, pacey choices stick to the road and offer easy driving. These vehicles are an absolute pleasure to drive, easily taking corners and boasting responsive pedals. The shock and wheel systems are developed to handle roads easily, and their interior selection conveys elegance to every driver. With carefully invented elements, you can enjoy every moment on the road.

Freedom to Choose

When renting a sports car, you can choose from various options. This freedom is perfect when you have a particular make or model you would like, giving you access to the car you wish you could drive daily. Doing so is a clever way to celebrate a special occasion or travel for business. You can select the best vehicle for your trip with the available options.

Drive in Style

Numerous people travel for business or pleasure, and being able to drive in luxury is something that most would happily prefer.

When you utilise a luxury company like ours, you can enjoy maximum comfort and style from some of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Our selection guarantees that you can drive in style no matter where you go, pulling the eye of every bystander.

Whether looking to experience a Lamborghini or Ferrari, Maserati or more, we can set you behind the wheel of the most sought-after vehicles.

Access to Extras

Hiring a vehicle for your time away or for a special event lets you access extra features that may be too expensive to purchase. That’s because sports cars have additional components to ensure every client is happy on the road, from heating and aircon options to sound systems and design features.

The benefits of sports car hire options are varied, delivering a comfortable, safe and trusted diving experience. Boasting some of the best vehicles globally, we can guarantee you are put behind the wheel of one of the best luxury cars around.

Things You Must Consider When Hiring a Sports Car

Sports cars possess a breathtaking appeal for speed, glamour, and extravagance. If you plan to rent a sports car for a memorable event or business meeting, you can have a hassle-free experience. However, when renting luxury cars, it is important to have all the details related to hiring so you do not ruin your unforgettable experience.

Avoid common errors associated with sports or luxury car hire and have all the required information as detailed below:

Look for More Than Just Price

Every customer looking for the proper pricing will be happy to get one. However, there are other factors that you should consider when renting a car, like age, accident history, and hidden fees. It is a red flag if the rental car service provider seems stressed about sharing details about the car you ask for.

Know What is Included in the Package

When choosing from a great fleet of sports cars, you need to know what your car hire package includes.

Normally, a car hire package is only available for a self-drive cast. Know what a driver would cost if you also intend to hire a driver. A sports car has amazing amenities like extensive legroom, super cosy leather seats, a phone charging point, satellite navigation, and more. Before hiring, consider the extras you would like to have.

Ask the rental car agency whether they would deliver and collect the car at the place of your choice within the price of the package or if this would be a chargeable service. Confirm the amount you would have to pay by sharing the spot you want the delivery and pick up if this is a chargeable service.

A decent luxury car rental agency would have its cars insured completely against third-party insurance claims. However, it is advisable to confirm it before you hire one.

Do Not Get Persuaded With Extras That You Do Not Require

While you are looking to rent luxury cars, it is common for car rental companies to offer a few extra services. Those perks will, of course, come with some cost. Luckily, you are not obliged to give in.

It is advisable to be meticulous with your research before choosing a rental car company. Know what other people say about car hire providers. You can also ask for advice and suggestions from friends and family to know the best company for luxury car hire in town.

Check to Know the 24-Hour Clock.

Sports car rental companies typically work on a 24-hour clock rental time. Most companies permit a grace time of 30 minutes when you come to drop off the car.

For example, if you hired a car at 9:30 a.m. on a Friday and gave it back by 10 a.m. on Saturday, you will have to pay for a day’s rental. But if your flight is delayed and you return it later, you will have to pay for another full day’s rental. On top of that, you will have to pay for the insurance too! So, it would be best to return the hired car on time.

It is also advisable to notify the rental car agency if unforeseen situations delay you. This will make things transparent and clear.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental?

We are incredibly passionate about high-performance cars, and Car Hire and Rental was launched from our love of supercars and affection for luxury performance vehicles. Our experienced team works around the clock to make available the largest fleet to customers who can now experience the joy of driving these great cars.

No matter what your passion is, whether it be a Ferrari, a Porsche, or a Lamborghini, you can be assured that we deliver the latest model available to provide you with the adventure of a lifetime.

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