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Whether you require a rental for one day, two days or a week, we have a wide range of well-maintained vehicles to ensure that you will find the ideal one for your journey.

At Car Hire and Rental, we are committed to upholding the highest level of cleanliness in the industry. Our rigorous protocols possess strict sanitising procedures to protect the health and safety of all. Hire a car or van for the short term with Car Hire and Rental and discover the perfect rental solution for your needs. 

What is a Short-Term Car Hire?

Short-term car hire is a more extended arrangement of car rental that lets you drive a new car for between three and 12 months. Short-term car hire can be an alternative if you don’t want to commit to one car for a long time and don’t mind spending for that flexibility.

If you like to change your car frequently, then a short-term lease agreement enables you the flexibility to drive a brand-new vehicle often without being bound into a long contract. 

When you hire a vehicle, you agree to drive the car for a specific number of months and miles. After the lease ends, you must return the car to the dealership or purchase it if such an option is available.

There’s no official policy for what length of a car hire is “short” term. However, it is general knowledge that a car leased for 24 months or less is called a ‘short-term hire.’ Others characterise it as less than 36 months. Leasing terms at dealerships commonly range from 24 to 60 months.

If you aren’t sure whether a short-term lease is suitable for you, compare the costs of other alternatives, such as a short-term rental or even buying a new or used vehicle. Doing all your homework to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a short-term car lease will help you determine which suits your needs.

Car Hire and Rental offers flexible short-term car rental packages that suit your schedule. Whether you require a rental car for a day, a night, a week or longer, we’ve got the right vehicle for the job. Our short-term car rental enables you to get where you’re going in comfort and at a great price. We’ve got people carriers for family vacations, small or large vans for moving boxes and luxury cars for that memorable occasion.

How Does Hiring a Car For Short-Term Work?

A short-term car lease will work the same as a longer, more traditional personal lease contract. 

Once you’ve selected the car you like, you’ll need to determine how long you want to lease the car. Short-term car hire contracts are available for three, six, nine or 12 months. In most cases, you’ll discover that you won’t need to pay a deposit for a short-term car hire. You’ll need to specify how many miles you intend to drive each month. 

Remember to check what’s incorporated in the monthly cost. Some leasing providers suggest short-term deals with insurance, maintenance, road tax and free delivery. 

If your short-term lease doesn’t contain insurance, you’ll need to arrange this separately to cover your vehicle for the duration you have.

There are a few things to keep when preferring a short-term car hire:

  • The shorter the lease, the higher your monthly fee. New cars tend to depreciate fast, with most of the depreciation happening in the first year. While you could lease a used car, longer leases let you apply that loss of value over time. The average lease fee in 2021 was about $530, according to Experian.
  • Hiring a car short-term can demand a down payment and involve costs. When you take on a lease, you’re purchasing part of a car’s lifespan. Hence, you’ll have to pay for the taxes, registration and dealer fees. Payment for the entire lease is expected up front, and most drivers prefer to finance this amount, meaning they also spend for the loan interest. If your credit isn’t good, don’t sweat; you could still take out a lease with bad credit.

Am I Eligible For a Short-term Car Hire?

Short-term car leasing could be better if you have bad credit and a low credit score. 

Acceptance criteria are lower than for average, longer-term car lease deals, so it is an ideal option to improve your credit score before taking out a more extended lease agreement.

The Main Benefits of Short-Term Car Hire

Short-term car hire has the prospect of becoming a staple for small and large businesses. That’s because it allows owners to acquire the latest vehicle models while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Several different circumstances make short-term car hire an ideal choice for any business. For example, you might require transportation for employees on secondment or a one-way trip. While waiting for your new company cars, a hole may necessitate a rental arrangement.

No matter the reason, you can easily organise a car hire program tailored to your particular situation. The most straightforward answer to holiday downtime, for example, is simply not renting vehicles at times when they are not required!

We have experience in the industry, expert knowledge, and a nationwide fleet capacity that can acclimate your transportation needs. The following are significant advantages of short-term car hire.


If you are looking for the most flexible way of meeting your transportation requirements, short-term car hire may be your requirement.

And if you need a vehicle for a longer time, we also offer several deals on flexible terms. In most cases, you can swap or return vehicles without any penalty.


Opting for short-term car rental provides access to a wide range of vehicles rather than being adhered to with a fixed and ageing fleet. The range of choice will be even broader than if you were purchasing a new fleet outright.

We are proud to present a broad range of vehicles. So no matter what kind of car you require or prefer, we’ve got you taken care of.

Newer vehicles

Especially if you are starting up, your business cannot afford to purchase a fleet of brand-new cars outright. On the other hand, opting to rent makes it possible to select from a constantly updated selection of new cars.

Eliminating maintenance costs

Owning vehicles outright affects a ton of time and money for maintaining and registering vehicles.

But maintenance, repairs, or period inspections of your vehicles will not make you spend a penny or a thought in the case of short-term hire since these all evolved the rental company’s responsibility.

Breakdown assistance and recovery

We know from years of experience that dependable transportation service is our customers’ utmost priority. Accordingly, we are committed to supporting you on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To provide our customers peace of mind, we offer nationwide service for breakdowns and retrieval anytime, no matter what.

Don’t hesitate to set up an account with us today, even if you need vehicles at short notice.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Car Hire: Which Is Better?

Public transportation in a densely populated metropolis may only sometimes be the most convenient and efficient method to get from one place to another. Dealing with immense commuter crowds and occasional train breakdowns can be exhausting, so some resort to purchasing and driving their own car.

Owning a car is an expensive endeavour. Charges and certain taxes make car ownership challenging for ordinary people. This is why affordable car rentals are becoming more popular due to their affordability and comfort.

Today, there are thousands of vehicles available for you to lease, but it can be vague for those new to the scene to decide between short-term and long-term car rentals. 

To help you determine, we have prepared a list of benefits for both long-term and short-term car rentals so that you can evaluate whichever option suits your needs better.

Short-term Car Hire

When you select car rental for the short term, generally, the contract for the car is for a few weeks. Hence, you have to renew your lease every few days. You can take your preferred car and use it for your needs. This is suitable only if you need the car for a short time. But short-term plans will be very pricey for you if you are a business or individual who requires a car for a long time, like a few months or even a year.

Short-term car rental plans are also helpful in certain cases. For instance, you want to purchase a new car in a few weeks. Till then, you can hire a car for the short term without signing a long-term agreement.

Long-term Car Hire

On the other hand, renting a car for the long term is ideal when you need the vehicle for a regular commute.

For example, you require a car for your business for employee commuting. The car is used to drive the employees from their homes and take them to the office in the morning, then drop them back home from the office in the evening. This is an everyday activity. So, it would be better to select corporate taxi hire for months or years.

Monthly car plans are more affordable than short-term plans and have several other advantages. The monthly car options are comparatively more affordable and more reliable. Moreover, if you get bored with the car or desire a new car after a month, the best car rental service providers will handle that for you. The longer the contract car rental, the more you save.

Short-term vs Long-term Car Hire Service

Both short-term and long-term car leasing have their advantages. But long-term alternatives are cheaper and cost-effective. Whether you want to hire a car for personal or corporate purposes, you must always assess the cost of rent and the period you need the car.

The cost of a car rental relies on your chosen car and the agency’s taxation. Many agencies charge higher for both plans, but at Car Hire and Rental, you can discover monthly car hire at the most economical pricing.

How to Get The Best Deal on a Short-term Hire?

Most of a new car’s depreciation happens in the first year, which is why a short-term hire can be pricey. However, there are ways you can ensure you obtain the best deal. 


How you use your hire car will be reflected in the monthly costs. You can drive as few miles as possible because a lower mileage agreement will be cheaper. 

Special offers

Keep an eye out for special offer hire deals on short-term agreements. Rental companies make these available throughout the year, including discounts on famous makes and models. 

Compare deals

Car hiring comparisons like the Car Hire and Rental will guarantee you the best offer on a short-term lease. You can discover a competitive short-term lease deal for your selected car. 

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental?

Car and Hire and Rental’s short-term car hire options permit you to drive your perfect car during a last-minute weekend break. With a great range of vehicles, from standard compact cars to the newest luxury models and branches up and down the country, you’ll enjoy a convenient short-term car hire experience.

Your vehicle can always break down or need servicing at the most inopportune moments. Luckily, a 2-day or 3-day car hire with us is an excellent solution with our affordable rates and flexible booking periods. Please select the time you need the car with our online booking tool to make arrangements.

Please browse our range of some of the best quality cars at affordable prices, made flexible and easy for you. We carry anything from practical to luxury.

Our range of 4x4s is excellent for those who enjoy more power in wider space. If travelling with a group, check out if our minibuses or people carriers are available. We also have vans for short-term hire at fixed locations.

You can also check out our list of useful add-ons to customise the booking. Whether it’s a child seat, out-of-hour return, or miles and safety packages, we can help.

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