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Sporty, stylish, and sleek, the SUV car rental is ideal for anyone wanting a bigger vehicle without requiring the extra power of a 4-wheel drive. The interior has ample space for the whole family or just two travelers with a lot of gear. The SUV is efficient, easy to handle, and has modern qualities with a height that will leave you sitting pretty.

Large SUV Rentals

What is an SUV?

SUVs have become everyday scenery on roads throughout Australia. As such, so have the number of questions we get for SUV rental to replace the customer’s vehicles when they are off the road.

Ever wondered what SUV stands for? ‘Sports utility vehicle’ is an imported phrase from the US and has become the go-to term in recent years as car manufacturers have diversified the vehicles they are building that have a lot of 4×4 qualities but are not four-wheel drive.  

SUV Car Rental From Car Hire and Rental

SUV cars have become massively alluring because they provide ride height, comfortability and practicality. One of the most frequently asked vehicles at Car Hire and Rental is an enquiry for luxury SUV rental and intermediate SUV hire. Many of our customers are looking for a substitute SUV vehicle when their vehicle is off the road, requires a larger car, and want a desirable model.

Benefits of SUV Hire 

As SUVs combine the finest qualities of both large and practical 4x4s and modern cars, the list of benefits is substantial. Renting an SUV is more cost-effective if you only need to benefit from the extra space or four-wheel drive options on a one-off occasion.

If you are already used to driving an SUV, consider renting a similar vehicle when needed.  

Some of the key advantages of an SUV include the following: 

  • Easy to drive compared to more enormous and heavy 4x4s 
  • Greater fuel economy 
  • Huge variety of choices, including both two or four-wheel drive
  • Improved and raised driving position
  • Functional and spacious 
  • Stylish and comfy 
  • Automatic and manual options to select from

What Does SUV mean? 

As already outlined, SUV is an umbrella term for cars that are made to perform on the road while keeping that higher driving position.

SUV vehicles come in a broad spectrum of sizes and styles, making them a big hit with motorists. However, a true 4×4 can stand up to the hurdles of those who drive in challenging conditions. 

Traditional 4×4 Hire

Genuine 4×4 vehicles come fully fitted with tow bars, roof racks and anything else you need. Other traditional 4×4 vehicles contain pickups with Truckman tops, such as the Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara. 

Luxury SUV Hire

For those looking for crossover-style cars planning to use the vehicle on the road and travel in both comfort and style, then rental cars such as the Range Rover Autobiography, Audi Q7 & BMW X5 and such are more suited.

Intermediate SUV

Intermediate SUVs or crossover vehicles are the largest growing market in the motoring industry. A hybrid solution incorporates the best factors of both modern cars and SUVs and offers a lower ride height than a 4×4 or large SUV but still higher than your standard car, perfect for those who need an easy car to access. 

Small SUV

Small SUVs provide the driver with better fuel economy without needing four-wheel drive. The list of vehicles categorised as ‘crossover’ is endless, which is great for drivers looking to drive comfortable vehicles with a slightly higher driving position, such as the BMW X1.

7-seater SUV

Most SUVs come with 5 seats, so a 7-seater SUV rental might be the ticket if you prepare a group trip or take all the kids away on holiday. Large SUVs with seven seats comprise the Land Rover, Range Rover & Audi Q7, permitting them to transport everyone comfortably.

Need to hire a 5 seater SUV? Click here.

Which Type of SUV Should I rent?

Should you be in a place where you require to hire an SUV, our friendly team will be able to. guide you in the right direction. We can help you find more difficult-to-source vehicles off-road for whatever reason and help fleet managers, businesses and individuals. 

We specialise in supplying SUV car rentals based on your requirements. If you are off-road regularly, driving on rugged terrain, up and down steep slopes or hauling a lot of weight, we can source you a heavy-duty 4×4. 

Need additional room for the family? Kids, relatives, friends, pets? A large 4×4 is a great fit, and if you drive in slippery conditions, the four-wheel drive can assist you. Two-wheel drive SUVs are more leisurely on the fuel gauge, but with all the room you need, a crossover might be the best if you want to keep the expenses down.

Standard Features in Your SUV Rental

A standard SUV provides you with the space and comfort you deserve while on a road trip. With enough room for five passengers, a car rental is an eco-friendly and safe choice for airport pickups, corporate tours, and special occasions. Due to their sturdy nature and aerobic body, these gas-guzzling behemoths on roads are deemed the go-to family cars. 

Four Doors

SUVs are the all-time companion for periodic off-road travellers, mainly when you are on an adventurous trip with the family. If you’re driving from Perth to Adelaide, a 4-door SUV provides a comfortable exit, stunning views, and more space to relax and stretch. That’s a significant benefit, especially when travelling with family!

Automatic Transmissions

The all-rounder SUV boasts an automatic transmission quality to give you a seamless driving experience on busy roads. Traditional SUVs are fuel-efficient and performance-driven.

Rent a 5-seater SUV for vast comfort and versatility at an affordable price. At Car Hire and Rental, we promise to give excellent services at a rate you can afford, and we are good at keeping our promises!

22 MPG

Acquire all the extra space and comfort at reasonable gas mileage (as good as 22 miles per gallon in some circumstances). The crossover SUVs give you awesome city mileage, and it runs well on highways. All our SUVs will deliver you the best fuel economy, and that’s the least you can anticipate from Car Hire and Rental. With a higher MPG, you’ll see yourself passing a lot of gas stations, that’s for sure!

Powerful Engine

Compact SUVs come with full-featured abilities. You can obtain a Ford Escape or similar models with at least a 2.0L power engine or higher that offers complete control and comfort while navigating the roads with family or friends. We surpass your car rental expectations consistently! 

Cruise Control

Take some time to relax by employing Cruise Control on an adventurous long drive to the beaches of Gold Coast or the scenic byways in Broome. We suggest you use Cruise Control carefully and avoid it on winding roads, hilly pathways, and severe traffic areas. Your safety is our number one priority!

Hire an SUV and Tour Australia!

We’re all about choice at Car Hire and Rental. We think selecting your car rental is like pairing a glass of superb wine with a delectable meal. Instead of the lamb with the Bordeaux, we want to assist you in matching your road trip style and car type!

Our Compact SUV car rental is a brilliant motor to probe Australia in. It can handle harsh terrain, steep hills, and various weather conditions – even the snow if you want to ski in the Snowy Mountains.

It’s also a dream to drive on windy mountain lanes when the Electronic Stability Programme kicks in to ensure you stay in control, no matter the situation. You’ll enjoy a ton of other safety qualities, too. All while driving the very stylish car rental vehicle in the fleet! Win, win!

Where Can You Drive Your SUV Rental?

You’ll want to enjoy all its features in a motor as stylish and road capable as this one. Enjoy the way it manoeuvres curves on a hinterland route? Test its grit in the outback? Drive past beaches so immaculate you need to pinch yourself? We’ve picked our go-to car rental itineraries to help you decide what kind of roadie you’d like to ‘test drive’ our SUV on!

An Outback Road Trip

If there’s one type of Aussie road trip our SUV is built for, it’s an outlandish outback odyssey! Push cruise control as you stir the dust down those renowned outback orange roads. Blast your top road trip themes from the Bluetooth stereo system. Enjoy the safety and grunt of the electronic stability control. These excellent car rental features make our SUV ready for an outback roadie.

You can choose to catch an awe-inspiring sunrise from Tabletop Mountain. Memorise the fables and astrology in Charleville, or arrange your tent at Carnarvon Gorge. It is much more you can do when prepping your outback itinerary.

Vigour from the Gold Coast

The great thing about driving to the Gold Coast is that everything is close. Even wonderful national parks and near-empty attractive squeaky-sand beaches!

The Gold Coast is not just catered for theme parks and Schoolies. It’s quite the opposite if you know where to peek because the Gold Coast has profound wellness vibes. Hike the Gold hinterland, experience beachside yoga, dip yourself in refreshing hot pools or nip across the border to Byron for an indigenous tour that pinches the soul.

Explore the Grampians in Style

After picking up your SUV car rental, drive to western Victoria to explore the Grampians. In an area far more extensive than you’d envision, you connect to Aboriginal rock art heritage, visit incredible vistas, and stand in awe at galore waterfalls.

Across the Grampians region, appreciate hikes from the too-easy to the too-hard-to-talk and sample scrumptious eats and treats across the region. Do not miss bakery delights in Dunkeld and discover the pleasures of the Grampians National Park. You can go stargazing, as well!

Slow Road Trip from Melbourne to Sydney

How frequently have you flown between Melbourne and Sydney, never viewing the attractions, sights, and magic below? Too many! Here’s a thought: why not opt for a Melbourne to Sydney car hire roadie instead?

Behind the wheel of our stylish SUV, you can locate the treasures, time-honoured traditions, and secrets that blaze this 1380-kilometre Melbourne to Sydney route. Ragged cliffs, vast beaches, and native wildlife galore. Plus, charming coastal towns treat you like a little kid asking their grandma for a sweet treat.

Brisvegas to the Sunny Coast

Are you looking for warmer temps for your approaching road trip? How about a Brisbane to Noosa road trip to elevate your Vitamin D levels and provide the winter weather with the cold shoulder?

Hit up the unique marine park around Bribie Island, take an uphill exploration of the iconic Glasshouse Mountains, and uncover why Noosa is on everyone’s holiday travel list. Be warned; we take no responsibility for urging you to visit Noosa; you may never want to come home!


Have you been looking for a road trip but would prefer to avoid the constant packing and repacking? No problems! Base yourself in Cairns and try five perfect car hire day trips instead!

Of course, the Great Barrier Reef has always been part of this trip. Add a tour to the lush topography of Barron Gorge National Park, the ancient wonders of the Daintree Rainforest, and the Atherton Tablelands, where if you haven’t added an inch to your waistline, then you’re doing it wrong. Plus, a do-not-miss side trip to Mission Beach for landscape and cassowary activity! The latter is a once-in-a-lifetime-y, and that’s a fact!


Once you’re in your SUV, you decide what tickles your fancy! How about driving north to see the dunes in Port Stephens or getting cultural in Newcastle? Or maybe an unforgettable road trip to the Blue Mountains. The views are amazing at every vista, it seems! We also urge you to drive along the coastal spots in Wollongong and its surroundings.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental?

When it comes to SUV rental, you really are pampered for choice. There are many selections available to you, varying from the traditional large 4×4 models for those looking to push the limits of a vehicle in rough terrain, as well as the smaller car-like cars that arrive with a higher driving position and provide you with that extra room. 

Whether you require a like-for-like swap when your vehicle is off the road or SUV car hire for a weekend trip, we can help you source a modern, well-maintained SUV to drive away. 

Let us know what you need, and we can offer you various options.

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