Fly-Drive holidays

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Want to fly to another destination, but still want the freedom to travel independently? A fly-drive holiday is definitely an option that should be considered.

Whether you want to travel domestically or internationally, you can book a fly-drive holiday so you can get to your holiday destinations quickly and really make the most of your time while you are travelling.

Find a plane ticket to your desired destination.

See what options are available. If you find something, then go ahead and book it for the time that you want to spend in the destination.

Find your vehicle.

Use the form below to see the vehicle hire options in the area. You simply want to have the right vehicle for your travel. The earlier you book, the cheaper it should be to hire the vehicle.

Choose your accommodation.

Look for your accommodation once you’ve booked your plane ticket and vehicle. It should be easier to find accommodation. But book the accommodation early so that you get the accommodation at a good price.