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More spacious than a full-size car and with good gas mileage than an SUV, a minivan is a 7-passenger automobile that provides unbeatable comfort and convenience. It has ample leg and luggage room, configurable seating and storage layouts, easy in-and-out, competitive fuel efficiency, and high-performance drive. Thus, minivans accommodate every kind of group outing, from extended family vacations to quick business trips.

Regarding almost any type of travel, a comfy minivan is your most suitable bet for hauling around a big crew or a lot of stuff. These versatile vehicles have abundant storage space, stylish interiors, and comfortable seats for long and short trips.

Grab your squad and sense of adventure, and discover the perfect minivan for your next road trip on Car Hire and Rental. Scan through our minivan car hire today and learn more about the models available in our fleet!

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Minivan Renting Guide

The minivan might be the most underrated and most minor reputable vehicle type ever. It’s too bad that these highly adaptable family hauliers are scorned over the “Mom-mobile” image. Still, if you ever ferried a bunch of kids and all their stuff, you know how much life is easier when you have a minivan. Plus, they are excellent for road trips.

Overall, minivans deliver the most spacious, versatile, and cost-effective solution for families on the go. This explains why more and more customers are flocking to car-based crossover vehicles and hulking SUVs. It has pushed the minivan market to shrink in recent years. The remaining players in the minivan game have designed compelling options and elements that offer a lot of value to sway SUV shoppers.

When considering transporting a group of people regularly, going for a minivan instead of a big SUV is likely to deliver significantly better comfort, more luggage space, superior cabin access, and better fuel economy.

If these are the things you need in a car, we urge you to be brave and check out the latest minivans in our lineup.

Minivan Types

There is only one description for a minivan: A space-efficient box on wheels.

Their standard layout is three rows of seating and sliding rear doors on both sides. Chrysler, Honda, Kia, and Toyota are the only manufacturers that produce high-quality but affordable minivans. They also offer various styles, colours, and alternatives.

Additionally, luxury and high-tech entertainment qualities are the biggest difference between their trim levels. The Ford Transit Connect is just one of the few commercial-grade vans with second and third-row seating.

Expect to pay about $38,000 to start for even a bare-bones Chrysler Pacifica. However, given the wide variety of possibilities and trim lines available, it’s easy to range the price between $45,000 and $55,000.

Why Hire a Minivan?

Minivan hires deliver an ideal solution when your car isn’t big enough. Renting a minivan is an affordable and practical answer for long-term or short-term transportation requirements and provides a more flexible mode of transport than a man-with-van rental.

A Company Vehicle

If you’re a business owner that demands a larger mode of transport, having a minivan on a long-term lease is more cost-effective and convenient than purchasing a vehicle. 

Buying a car requires you to invest your money in a commodity that declines as soon as it’s purchased. Renting a vehicle eliminates this factor, and you’ll discover that the money you’ve paid for a long-term rental is far less tangible than the cost of purchasing your own vehicle. 

You will also have fewer administration expenses by renting a vehicle as you don’t have to worry about the MOT, road tax, breakdown cover, and anything else. You pay your agreed sum of money per month and are safe in the understanding that all of those details are taken care of.

Moving House

When moving house, many choose to hire a professional removal service, wrongly assuming that this service offers more value for money. Well, it is only sometimes the case. 

If you can move your belongings yourself, hiring a minivan can save you considerable money and allow you to easily transport your household items to your new house.

Heading to Uni

Moving to uni needs multiple car journeys to move belongings to the new student’s digs. It can be a nuisance and heavy in fuel consumption if the trip is cross-country. Hiring a minivan enables you to carry all your belongings in one journey, saving you time, money, and a lot of stress!

Gig Set-ups

Bands require a lot of equipment. Drums, guitars and amplifiers are all cumbersome items that require much more space than a car can offer. Whether your crew is playing a one-off gig or heading out on tour, hiring a minivan is the perfect solution to transport your instruments and band members!

Luggage-heavy Holidays

From groups of friends heading off on a round-the-world tour to a family going on a skiing holiday, transporting your bulky luggage to and from the airport can be a catastrophic start to your trip. Hiring a minivan makes this less cumbersome, allowing you to reach into the holiday spirit as soon as possible.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Minivan

Hiring a minivan incorporates flexibility and freedom. These services have helped numerous people in moving their possessions. However, it is a procedure that might be a hassle, especially when not done correctly.

The advice discussed will make your travel experience stress free. It is best done by obtaining the best deals. Always scan for available offers and options.

Choosing a Minivan

Many companies present their minivans at different rates. That’s why you should select a van that fulfils all your requirements.

For instance, you will need to hire a 15-seater van or an SUV if you travel with several children or carry excessive luggage. Anyone concerned about the high prices of petrol should opt for a minivan. Many companies offer a spectrum of economy lorries or cars for gas-conscious people. 

Moreover, most countries have embraced manual transmission as their standard. It is, therefore, essential to determine whenever you need an automatic vehicle.

Booking a Minivan

When booking a minivan, it is crucial that you compare various sites to acquire a company that offers the lowest price. Once you have determined the company offering the best bargain, you should check out their site. Again, some rental companies provide considerable discounts to their customers.

Understand the Rental Agreements

Asking questions and reading the blueprint is very crucial. Those booking online should also guarantee they have read all the given terms and conditions. It will make them more informed and understand what they expect.

It would be best if you also asked some questions when you reserve a van via phone. The following are some of the essential questions that every traveller needs to ask.

  • Do you offer additional drivers? How qualified are your drivers?
  • What are the gas conditions?
  • What is your grace period for a minivan?

Hidden Costs

When doing your research, you should know what the rental fee covers. The following are the extra fees that you must checkout:

  • Additional driver charges
  • Drop off charges
  • Tax charges
  • Toll charges
  • Insurance

In some situations, unexpected expenses might double the rental price. It is something that can lead to an unhappy surprise. You can also verify some of these charges through the company’s website.

Minivan Rental Tips

When you set a schedule and pick up your van rental, you must ensure everything is taken care of in advance. Every company will enclose slightly different conditions and rules, so you must know all parts when you book.

Plan, plan, plan

Before renting a minivan, assess how much you require to move around by van and how much it may weigh. You must get this right, as you could be overpaying rental prices for a van that is far too big for your necessities or end up with something that is far too small and will have to make many trips.

Minivans range in size from a small van up to a Luton van and pickups or tippers. If you are hauling heavy items, a minivan with a tailgate lift is better for loading and unloading.

Compare like with like

When comparing the cost of renting a minivan, ensure you know what is included and what is not. Insurance can alter dramatically, so check what you are covered with each supplier and don’t think a cheap rental quote will provide you with all the elements you need.

Compare like with like, and always opt for unlimited mileage deals when you can. Ensure that you read the full terms and conditions before engaging your booking, and always pay by credit card if the transaction is over $100 in value. This is in case your minivan hire provider should go out of business.

Check the documents

When you pick up your rental minivan, check all the documentation thoroughly. Beware of any extras you are being peddled, and only agree to what you need.

What to take with you

Bring your photo and paper driving licence. You will also require a credit card for your excess deposit, and most companies also ask for a current utility statement to show your home address.

Check your vehicle

Always do the following before driving:

  1. Check the vehicle’s interior and exterior for any damage; this should be documented in your agreement.
  2. Ensure the minivan’s mileage is accurate, and check the fuel level.
  3. Make sure you know how to deal with vehicle breakdowns and that you know what to do in case of an accident. The last thing you will want to worry about is locating the emergency number to call.

Driving a minivan is different.

If you need to become more acquainted with driving minivans, be aware of the dimensions of the actual van you have hired. It may be far higher or wider than what you are accustomed to, so take some basic precautions to avoid hitting low bridges or scraping the sides in narrow spaces.

Parking a minivan may also be more problematic than you are used to, so pay attention when leaving the vehicle anywhere. You should also allow space to unload and load between you and other vehicles.

Dropping off

When dropping the van off, ensure that you give it back in the same condition you collected it. It includes refuelling it on the same level as when you picked it up. If dropping off the rental minivan out of the grace period, check where you should leave the keys. Avoid dropping it late, as this may incur additional fees.

Lastly, check your credit card statement to ensure no extra fees have been made for your minivan hire. If there are dissimilarities, take this up with your rental company.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental?

We like to make things as simple and efficient as possible, so we let passengers select pickup and drop-off points. Whether you are going to a wedding, picking someone in the airport, or having a night out with friends, renting a minivan via Car Hire and Rental can come in handy.

Booking a minivan with us is uncomplicated and reliable, thanks to our online booking site or speaking personally to one of our team. Wherever you want to go, we are happy to help you get there.

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