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Whether planning a golf trip with your friends or a holiday with your big family, we have a wide range of affordable 10-seaters for hire here at Car Hire and Rental. From brands you can depend on, such as Europcar, we’re sure to provide you with a 10-seater option that meets your needs perfectly.

Do you need a chauffeur? Look for special deals on our website for 10-seater rentals, including drivers for hire. These bargains can save you money compared to spending additional drivers when you collect the vehicle.

All 10-seaters on our website come with free cancellation and a price match guarantee. You can alter your plans and cancel your rental with a total rebate up to 48 hours before you pick up the vehicle.

Are you trying to rent a 10-seater without a credit card? We include all the payment alternatives allowing you to collect your 10-seater hire with a debit card instead. Use the filter section on the search page to discover these options.

Our website only compares 10-seaters, which includes a fair full-to-full fuel policy. You can pick up the vehicle with a full tank and drop it off entirely. A small deposit for the fuel will be saved on your credit card when you pick up the vehicle and a refund when you drop it off with a full tank. Beware of full-to-empty fuel policies you might encounter at a lower cost on other websites, as refuelling often comes with extra fees. Please keep on checking the terms and conditions for full-to-empty rentals.

When hiring a 10-seater, look for premium cover options with no excess and no deposit. Premium Cover lessens the excess and security deposit on your vehicle rental (sometimes to zero).

Need assistance or advice? Get in touch with our car rental experts, and we’ll have you on the road in no time.

How to Look for the Best 10-Seater hire

One of the most significant travel trends since the COVID-19 pandemic is the comeback of the road trip. But high demand implies that the supply of rental cars might be lower. Unsurprisingly, car rental costs are at sky-high levels — and that’s if you can encounter one available to rent at all.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend your entire vacation budget on rental cars.

These tricks will help you score a cheap 10-seater hire for your next road trip, whether a short weekend getaway or a cross-country odyssey.

Factor in the time of year

Book in advance to score a deal for your rental, particularly during peak times like school holidays and Christmas. 10-seater rentals can be in steep demand in the school holidays, and the availability of large vehicles is more limited than most other types of rental. If you change your mind after booking your rental, we provide free cancellation, so you can cancel and rebook at any point within 48 hours before collecting the car.

Mileage and fuel policy

When strolling around for your rental on different websites, be cautious about assessing the fuel policy and mileage allowance. Many other websites tuck this away in the terms and conditions. If you opt for the mileage allowance or hire a 10-seater with a full-to-empty fuel policy, you might be struck with unexpected charges when you drop off the vehicle. Our site only incorporates full-to-full rentals, and we always clearly display the mileage allowance.

Security deposit and excess

Always compare the amount you’re needed to pay as a security deposit on your card. For more affordable 10-seater rentals, you will be required to leave a much higher security deposit, which will be saved on your credit card when you pick it up. You will see the security deposit payment displayed on our website.

Child Seats and other extras

You can see these fees on the extras page. Quite often we offer special promotions, including extra drivers in the price. When free additional drivers are available, you can find them on our website’s search results page.

Border crossing and one-way fees

Any car hire provider generally charges extra fees if you plan to take the 10-seaters past a border into a different country. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you book, as they can be expensive. If you can’t find them on our website, contact one of our car hire experts, and they’ll be happy to help.

Hiring a Car with no Excess

The insurance excess is the full amount your car rental provider would need you to pay if the vehicle is severely damaged, written off or stolen. The excess on hire cars can be pricey. It’s typically between £800 to £2,100, depending on the car, the country and the agreement. If you return the car damaged, stolen, or written off, they will ask you to pay some or all of the excesses.

On the day of the pick up of the hire car, the excess is kept on your card as a ‘pre-auth’ transaction. Pre Auth means the money isn’t charged to your card as a regular payment. It’s saved as a pending payment until the vehicle is dropped off. You don’t normally pay foreign currency when charged on credit cards for pre-authorised transactions. As long as the vehicle is dropped off in the same condition as it was picked up, this excess amount is fully reimbursed to your card without paying anything additional.

If you plan on paying with your debit card, the insurance excess is taken from your bank account and refunded when the vehicle is dropped off. If you intend to pay with your debit card on the collection, as the excess can be high, we suggest purchasing Premium Cover or buying top-up insurance at the collection desk of your car rental provider.

Rules for Child Seats

You can use your own child and booster seats for your vehicle rental, so long as they meet the legal safety conditions for use in your car hire location.

Your car rental provider will also offer you the option to include them with your rental when booking on a website. The car, child and booster seats are normally paid for in the local currency when collecting. Although it’s highly unusual for them to be unavailable, most car rental companies must guarantee their availability.

One Way Fees

Most car rental providers allow you to pick up the car in one place and return the vehicle to a different location. If you have chosen a different drop-off location for the rental, the prices on our website incorporate all additional fees for this. You’ll also see a full breakdown of all extra fees on the payment page.

Free Additional Driver Inclusion

You can discover offers on our website, which include a free additional driver bundled into the price. Use the search results page filters to find bundled additional driver deals. You can also include a different driver on the extras page before finalising your booking.

Additional driver fees

A car hire agreement is between the car hire company and the one who signs the agreement and will be the main driver. It requires that you ask for other drivers to be added, and it usually comes with a cost (up to £10 a day or even more). We often display promotions where extra drivers are free. 

Note: Beware of being asked if you’d like to add a driver without being notified of the price.

Unlimited Mileage Policy

Limited mileage rentals are often more affordable than unlimited. The daily mileage allowance is always visible when viewing limited mileage rentals. If you choose to book a rental, including limited mileage, you will be charged an additional fee if you exceed the allotted daily mileage. The total mileage allowance for the entire rental is computed as (the number of hire days multiplied by the daily mileage allowance). You do not have to stay within the daily limit every day as long as the total miles utilised during the rental stay are within the number of days X the daily limit.

When you opt for a limited mileage car hire, we suggest checking the costs for excess mileage.

Cross-Border Fees

You should always check the terms and conditions if you plan to pick up your rental and take it over the border. Several car hire providers insist that you notify them when you collect the car; and will charge additional fees to level up your insurance. If you do not inform them, it’s possible that you won’t insure your rental if you take it to a different country.

If you’re struggling to locate the cross-border terms and conditions for your car hire, get in touch with our car rental experts, who will be happy to help.

Car Rental Terminologies

Familiarise yourself with these car rental jargons so you will be aware once your car hire provider says these to you.

Insurance excess

For rentals outside of the US and Canada, there’s almost always an excess set on your card. However, the excess on rental cars can be costly. It’s normally between £1,000 to £2,500. If you choose not to cover the insurance excess, you could be responsible for paying for any damage up to the value of the excess amount.

Excess reimbursement insurance

Purchasing this policy means they’ll refund you for the excess set on your credit card by the hire car company when you drop off the car.

This insurance also covers other potential expenses, like cleaning, towing, admin fees and misfuelling charges.

Fuel policy: Full-to-full vs. Full-to-empty

The hire cars on our site always incorporate a full-to-fuel policy.

You’ll be asked to pay a small deposit for fuel on a credit card when you pick up the hire car. Fill the rental up and drop it off in full; there are no extra fees for fuel.

Full-to-empty policies on other websites are better addressed. Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly for full-to-empty rentals. Usually, the admin and refuelling charges included with full-to-empty fuel policies make it much more expensive than full-to-full.

Collision damage waiver (CDW)

CDW covers the car for accident damage like the insurance you usually pay for your personal car. It contains an excess amount which you can decide to insure separately.

Theft liability insurance (theft protection)

This agreement insures the amount due if the hire car is stolen. Theft liability is subject to an excess amount, which suggests you’ll be required to pay the first part of an insurance claim (normally between £900 to £2,750, depending on the agreement, the car rental company and the location.

However, when you insure your excess, they will reimburse you for any excesses you have to pay.

Third-party liability cover

This agreement protects you in case you cause an incident. If you do, it might kill or hurt others (for instance, your passengers, people in other vehicles or pedestrians) or damage their property (their vehicle, house or possessions, for example). As legally they require to be covered, you could be responsible for any claim, treating any injuries or covering loss of earnings, the third party’s legal expenses and court fees.

Third-party liability is also subject to an excess. It means you must pay the first part of any claim (normally between £900 to £1,500, depending on the car’s value, the agreement and the country). When you cover the excess amount, they’ll reimburse you for any or all of the excess you have to pay.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental

There are many reasons we are different from our competitors, but as a start, it’s essential to know that Car Hire and Rental were born out of our frustration with hiring a vehicle.

So, we did things differently because we got upset with customers being hit with unexpected bills and knew we could provide a better service.

We work to deliver you all of the finest vehicle rental deals with no nasty surprises. We don’t operate with just any vehicle hire companies. We’re cautious to only collaborate with car rental brands you can trust.

Our technology gathers and compares millions of vehicle hire deals at 1000s of vehicle hire locations to low-cost sources and ensures that booking them on our website is as quick, easy and stress-free as possible.

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