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Whether you plan a long-distance road trip or require a larger vehicle to get people and things to a conference, a 7-seater vehicle is an attractive choice. There is enough passenger space for people to spread out on long drives, and you can fit all your souvenirs and luggage in the back. Whatever you require, a 7-seater rental, Car Hire and Rental can accommodate your needs with our premium fleet and a collection of add-ons for customization. 

When looking for a premium vehicle with space for everyone, a 7-seat car rental might be good for you. Car Hire and Rental offers several models of vans and SUVs with seven seats or more to provide passengers with more space and comfort. Whether you are taking your family on a road trip or want to haul a large item, a 7-seat car rental from Car Hire and Rental can meet your needs. 

Why Choose a 7-seater Car Hire?

If you have a large family, love outdoor adventures or usually travel as a group, consider a 7-seater car. There is a wide spectrum of 7-seaters on the market, all with clever technology and no compromise on style or design.

7-seater cars are becoming increasingly favoured, with more and more manufacturers conveying them to the market as part of their range.

Rent a 7 seater

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7-seater cars come with a host of advantages:

More economical

It might seem like an oxymoron but renting a larger vehicle is more economical. Moreso, if you travel as a large group or have a larger-than-average-sized family.

The resort would take multiple vehicles on the same journey, which ultimately costs more money as there are lots of fuel expenses and parking charges to take into account.

New vehicles are often much more efficient and thrifty due to the latest technology, so hiring a new 7-seater car is more economical than an older, smaller model.

More space

It might seem obvious on the surface, but there is more room for additional passengers and usually extra boot and storage space, too, so your passengers aren’t shrouded by their luggage which can become irritating on long journeys.

This additional space can also be placed by large equipment, such as surfboards, which would otherwise struggle to accommodate safely inside a vehicle.

7-seater cars generally possess a modular design, meaning you can fold down the rear seats when required to create additional space.

Towing capabilities

7-seater cars are not only qualified for towing a caravan, but they also make light work of doing so. There are laws around what cars can and cannot tow and the weight limits included with towing, so it’s crucial to consider this when looking for your next rental car.

If you take regular staycations or tour Australia in your vehicle instead of flying, a 7-seater would deliver that much-needed comfort and practicality.

Considerations of a 7-seater car

Whilst there are plenty of advantages in hiring a 7-seater car, considerations must be made before your rent to ensure you find the perfect solution for you and your circumstances.

Rear seating

The rear row of seats is usually more suitable for children as it can be a much tighter squeeze for seven adults to travel comfortably, but this depends completely on the model you choose, which is why it’s essential to consider this.


This one is obvious; the bigger the vehicle, the more space you need when parking. Although 7-seater cars aren’t as big and bulky as they used to be, it’s still a concern, mainly if you use a garage to store your car overnight.

The Perfect Situation for Hiring a 7-Seater

Ever been in that position where your car only takes four people, and there are seven in the group? Some unfortunate people will have to shell out for a taxi or public transport while you wait for them at their destination. 

With a 7-seater car hire, you won’t have that issue. These are excellent vehicles for hiring for that trip with friends. Drive the girls for their Christmas shopping; you will likely pay much less than you would for train costs for seven people, depending on how far out you set off from.

Perhaps the lads want to go to that crucial away game together. What more suitable way to get there than in a seven-seater MPV? 

With everyone in one vehicle, you need assistance finding somewhere to park and then digging through the crowds to meet up. Children’s birthday parties are a popular rationale for hiring a people carrier. You know your little one’s friends will be safely strapped in and keen for that trip to the zoo, cinema or wherever the celebration takes place. You can’t beat 7-seaters hired from Car Hire and Rental for travelling in groups of seven or fewer.

Discovering the Best Deal for a 7-Seater Car Hire

Renting a car anywhere in the world could not be any easier with the wide range of vehicles on the Car Hire and Rental website with a wide range of sizes to suit your needs. A popular choice for many clients is a larger vehicle such as a 7-seat people carrier or SUV.

Suppose you are a large family, a ton of friends, a stag or hen party, on a business outing or any group of up to 7 people wishing to tour around Australia. In that case, the options are either to hire two smaller cars or look for a larger vehicle, such as a 7-seat vehicle, to enjoy the tour together and get to and from your destination with the freedom you deserve. In some circumstances, even with fewer passengers, having spare seats and luggage space can help you load the vehicle with as much as possible on your expedition.

With the staycation boom expected for the UK in 2021, and a large number of families choosing camping, a coastal visit, a luxury retreat or peace and tranquillity in the Highlands, it is excellent for picking a bigger vehicle to carry the camping equipment rather than squeezing it into a standard car. Equally, if touring abroad, whether Portugal, Spain, Greece, France or elsewhere, many models offer fold-down seats. The luggage space increases hugely compared to a standard vehicle and gives extra options without loading and using roof racks or boxes, keeping your luggage much safer.

Top Places in Australia Where You Can Drive Your 7-Seater Car Hire


Sydney is one of the most well-known cities on the planet, and a visit here will accentuate any trip to Australia. The city is renowned for its architecture, including the celebrated opera house and many fine Georgian and Victorian buildings. Other highlights incorporate the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Maritime Museum, the Sydney Fish Market, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The city also offers entry to the neighbouring Blue Mountains.

Check out options for 7 seater car hire in Sydney.


The capital of Victoria, Melbourne, is Australia’s second-largest city and, more significantly, a hub of culture, creativity, and cuisine. Renowned for its distinct neighbourhoods and free spirit, it boasts lures like the Royal Exhibition Building, Immigration Museum, East End Theater District, and Melbourne Observatory.

Check out options for 7 seater car hire in Melbourne.


Opting for a 7 seater car rental in Brisbane will give you the opportunity to explore the capital of sunny Queensland, Brisbane, is a large and stylish metropolis celebrated for its skyline, museums, and many green areas with a group of friends, family, or peers.

Check out options for 7 seater car hire in Brisbane. Consider booking a 7 seater car hire at Brisbane airport or in the city.

Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Two of Australia’s most notable beach hubs, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, are located south and north of the city. Other popular stops like the Glass House Mountains National Park are also within your reach.

Check out options for 7 seater car hire in Gold Coast.

Best Driving Routes

  • Great Barrier Reef. One of the world’s natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef, is another site you should visit if you’re in the country’s northeast. Several tours and jumping points take off for the reef and its numerous islands, with the city of Cairns probably the most prominent among them.
  • Western Australia. The great western state of Australia is very isolated. You’ll probably fly in and out, but it delivers plenty of excitement if you get there. The capital, Perth, is a refined and modern city with plenty to enjoy, but the region’s endless beaches, bizarre landscapes, and indigenous sites are just as captivating.
  • Tasmania. Found on the mainland (Melbourne is the nearest big city), the island of Tasmania is unique in terms of nature and culture. The region’s mountains, bays, and woodlands are among the most picturesque in the country, and you can also visit refuges of wildlife like the distinct Tasmanian devils. Tasmania is also suitable for visiting the Southern Lights, especially from June to September.

Driver licence requirements

  • Australia acknowledges valid foreign driver’s licences if you visit on a trip shorter than six months. If you’re visiting for a more extended duration or are living in the country permanently, you need to acquire a local licence instead.
  • If your driver’s licence is printed in a non-Latin script (Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.), you’ll be required to acquire an International Driving Permit (IDP).
  • Similarly, if your driver’s licence doesn’t display your photograph, you might need an IDP instead.
  • You must bring your driver’s licence, not a copy, at all times. 
  • It would be best if you had had your driver’s licence for at least two years.
  • Some car hire providers charge a young driver fee for drivers between the ages of 22 and 25 and a senior driver fee for drivers over the age of 65.
  • Depending on the car hire provider and category, there may be additional requirements, so always ask for the rental conditions before booking.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental

Our website compares 7-seaters with a reasonable full-to-full fuel policy. You’ll pick up the vehicle with a full fuel tank and should return it full. A small amount for fuel will be kept on your credit card when you pick up the car, and a rebate when you return it with a full tank. Beware of full-to-empty fuel agreements you might see at a lower cost on other sites. This type of agreement usually comes with some hefty extra fees for refuelling. We suggest always checking the T&Cs for full to empty rentals.

Are you trying to hire a 7-seater with no credit card? We include all the options enabling you to collect your 7-seater hire with a debit card. Use the filter section on the search results page to locate them.

All seven seats on our website incorporate free cancellation and a price match guarantee. You can change your plans and cancel your rental with a full reimbursement up to 48 hours before you collect the vehicle.

Still need assistance finding what you’re looking for? Get in touch with our car rental experts, and we’ll have your rental sorted in minutes.

Suppose you are driving on a golf trip. In that case, for a cycling holiday or on a family holiday, our website compares a wide scope of affordable 7-seaters for hire from brands you can trust, such as Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise and many more, so we’re sure to include a cheap 7-seater rental for self-drive or with a driver that meets your requirements.

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