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Ready for a delightful road trip? Forget breaking your group into two cars. With our 8-Seater, you can bring everyone in one vehicle – along with all the festivities. It sounds like an excellent opportunity for a road trip anthem, so sing along with us.

No special licence is required either! Our 8-Seater vehicles are comfortable to drive, like a cooler soccer-mum car. There are eight seats and tons of room for two large bags and two small., suited for kits, outfits, and snacks.

Are you ready to take your friends on a roadie? Book online today.

Things to Consider When Choosing an 8-Seater Car Hire

Are you in Australia planning a trip with the family and don’t want to make use of your vehicle? It would be best if you considered an 8-seater hire for your trip.

An 8-seater car rental is perfect for a family trip. It is comfortable and spacious. As you plan for your trip, there are a few things to remember:

Decide which rental company you prefer.

Thanks to Google and other search engines, finding a car rental company is easier than ever because people can access different car hire options. You can easily find a company that matches your needs and budget and supplies you with opportunities to choose from in the comfort of your bed.

At Car Hire and Rental, we provide budget 8-seater car hire at affordable prices to our customers.

Consider your luggage.

Before hiring a car for a trip, it is crucial to count the luggage the family will need for the journey. One of the reasons an 8-seater van rental is perfect for family trips because it provides enough space for your family and your luggage.

Inspect the vehicle and read the rental conditions carefully.

Before driving off with your car rental, inspect the vehicle and check inside and outside for any damages (you can also take pictures of it). Checking the vehicle before you leave the rental company saves you from future troubles, helps you identify problems, and lets you know the vehicle’s condition.

Once the vehicle check is done, remember to review the car rental conditions before signing. Pay close attention to the contract details and what the company presents, like unlimited mileage, minimum rental days, mode of payment, and additional fees and services. It will thoroughly equip you for the trip ahead.

While there are other things to consider that were not cited above, an 8-seater car rental is the best option for a family trip. They are comfortable, easy to steer and come with features that improve the journey experience for everyone. 

Are you scanning for an 8-seater rental? We have just what you need at Car Hire and Rental.

Where Can I Score an 8-Seater Car Hire?

When an SUV or sedan still requires to be bigger, the next best thing to hire is an 8-seater van.

If you’re travelling with a group, the unique advantage of minivans is that it’s more effortless for people to get on and off the vehicle.

Furthermore, travelling in a larger group generally signifies more luggage and various items. Minivans deliver just the right amount of space for everyone and their belongings. When you hire a minivan, you can welcome up to 12 people, and they also come with features that are guaranteed to make your journey even more relaxing.

Some benefits of hiring an 8-12 seat car/minivan

  • Hiring a van for group travel also eliminates the need for a specific individual to coordinate multiple car rentals to ensure all group members are safe.
  • Travelling in a van as a group means that everyone can enjoy the weekend without stressing about the destination or the safety of others, as all members are together at all times.

Our 8-seater vans are best fitted for families, businesses, schools and sports teams going on a road trip. In addition to being inexpensive and convenient, our modern vans ensure low fuel consumption enabling you to spend more on fun activities and less on travel.

However, you must plan and book ahead to dodge inconveniences at the last minute. We advise our clients to book their van early.

Car Hire and Rental 8-passenger car rental service (up to 12 people) is here to assist you in affording the best minivan / 8-seater car for your trip.

Tour Australia in Our 8-Seater vehicle

Family reunions, boys’ weekends, team building outings, sporting matches, hens’ trips, festivals, babymoons, divorce parties. Or just because! Do you need a reason to pull a group of eight together to take an epic road trip of good proportions? We didn’t think so.  

What’s not to like about a group roadie? More shared snacks, more requests for the playlist, more eye spies from the back. We understand because we drive them for our legendary team trips at Car Hire and Rental. When you’re in an 8-Seater, the fun begins when you’re buckled up and have opened your pick n’ mix lollies from Woollies.  

Our 8-Seater is a cakewalk to drive as it’s automatic, and no extra licence is required. You can add additional drivers for $2 daily if you’re willing to split the journey.  

It’s a relaxing and safe ride, too. We’re talking about anti-lock brakes, power steering, central locking, and airbags for drivers and passengers. That means time to enjoy driving past some of Australia’s most stunning scenery. Oh, and if you’re keen to make a dream/fly trip, we allow one-way rentals, ideal for the long roadies between major cities.  

A heads up: there are only a limited number of 8 Seaters on our list, especially in the summer. It’s wise to book ahead, particularly if your event dates are fixed.

Travelling with Children

If you travel with children or young adults, you will discover facilities to keep those cherished phones and tablets charged. Air conditioning will keep the driver cool as well as the passengers.

Start looking today if you need 8-seater car hire for your journey. There is generally a more suitable selection when you reserve early.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental

One of our top priorities is altering each package we offer to our customers’ needs. We provide various opportunities to enhance your experience, always according to your essentials, and help you get the best out of your holidays or business trip.

Our intelligent booking engine searches for the best price, car category, extras, exclusive offers and discounts that fit your needs. You can securely book online today only with a small down payment and pay the rest once you arrive at our office!

Car Hire and Rental has provided millions of customers with the best possible, guaranteed price for their Car Rental. We would like you to become our next satisfied customer.

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