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Travelling with more than three friends, or do you just want to take your extended family on a road trip? Do some of your friends choose to travel at the last minute, and you want to save a spot for them? Or do you enjoy more space and a relaxing ride? No problem. Your perfect solution is a 9 seater car hire or rental that can solve your problems.

Passenger vans are a fantastic way to travel comfortably and affordably. They incorporate style, space, and safety to provide an enjoyable driving experience. There are many choices available, from low-budget to more expensive models. At Car Hire and Rental, we offer different brands of 9-seater cars. The seats are in three rows, with the second and third rows typically folding down for even more cargo space.

All seats are assembled for comfort and safety, and you can easily add child seats. These vehicles are usually taller than normal cars, with more oversized windows that deliver good visibility. Depending on the model, several components may be available.

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What is a 9-Seater Vehicle?

A 9-seater is a spacious minivan that can transport big families or groups of people with large amounts of luggage.

9-seaters usually use sliding doors and a large baggage compartment, which may be expanded using passenger seat transformation. The main idea of the 9-seaters is a combination of such components as high passenger capacity and trunk size, safety, comfort, mobility, and economy.

The driving performance of the 9-seaters is quite comparable to the Estate or Standard group cars. The majority of 9-seaters are based on regular-class cars. Due to the transformation mechanism specific to this group of vehicles, sometimes the same car model may be assigned to 7 and 8 or 9-seaters at a time.

9-Seater Vehicle: A History of Motoring Adventure

Known as minivans in the US, M-segments, MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles), people carriers, and people movers in Europe and elsewhere, 9-seaters normally possess a ‘two box’ body structure or adapted commercial van design, with high roof, sliding doors for rear passengers, high seating in three rows and flat floors.

These convenient vehicles have been around for a while. Their predecessors can be traced back to at least the 1930s, as the streamlined Stout Scarab is frequently argued to be the first of its kind. Other early incarnations comprise the DKW Schnellaster, presented in 1949, and the 1956 Fiat 600 Multipla, while the Renault Espace and Dodge Caravan (introduced in 1988) praised the classic body shape which brought these vehicles into the modern era.

Basically, a hybrid of a car and a bus, the 9-seater is perfect for families and other large groups – stimulating a subtle sense of adventure because, in some markets (the US in particular), they’re available in the iconic, ruggedly functional Jeep-style 4-wheel-drive silhouette.

When you’re hitting the road en famille, this car type is the cream of the crop!

Why Should You Consider Hiring a 9-Seater? 

There are a ton of reasons you may need to hire a car. If you’re looking for an affordable, dependable and convenient way to travel (whether to a business meeting or on an exciting road trip), renting a car is a fantastic option. Below, we look at the reasons you may require to hire a 9-seater and the benefits of doing so. 

It makes more savings.

You can optimise your travel expenses if you rent a 9-seater car. Instead of having two or three cars, you only need one, so the toll costs are lower. You can also save on fuel expenses, especially if you drive smart. 

When scanning for a parking spot or parking your car in a garage, you only need to look for a spot and save on parking costs. You’ll also save on the cost of the international driving permit since you’ll only need one driver.

It keeps the group together.

Before hiring a 9-seater, you need to consider what kind of experience you want, how much space you have, how long you will be driving, the number of people you will be driving, etc. Renting a car with nine seats is a comfortable mode to travel and is convenient for many possibilities.

It is ideal for friends going on a city trip, concert, or sporting event. Instead of having multiple cars, several drivers, and higher expenses for tolls and fuel, you can have the whole group together and reduce your travel costs. Group road trips can be fun and economical!

In this case, the passengers can get a restful night’s sleep while only the driver has to stay awake. It is an ideal choice for smaller sports teams, where the bus can drive, and all the players can relax before the next game. And the sports club will be pleased with the financial benefits. 

A vehicle that can take nine people is also suitable for business trips where work colleagues’ teams must travel together to different locations or trade shows where materials must be hauled. This way, you can save more on train tickets or taxis and possess more flexibility to better plan your trips.

A family-friendly vehicle.

Want to spend some quality time with your big family? Are you heading to a theme park or going on a family trip and want everyone to go? Renting a 9-seater vehicle to drive with your family is the best answer for a great vacation, as you can take your parents or grandparents with you, who may no longer drive, but can help entertain the kids while in traffic.

The seniors can stretch their legs, and there is enough room for the stroller. Since the 9-seater provides a good view through the large windows, your kids will also have a better journey experience and a great time watching the scenery change through the window.

Get a Proper Insurance

With our partners, we present a wide range of 9-seater minivans. You can select from low-budget to more expensive vehicles. Few car rental companies lend such vehicles to young drivers but establish the minimum rental age at 21 or more, which also relies on the model of the car you want.

We recommend you check the terms and conditions of the car rental company. Nonetheless, whatever you choose, we suggest you take out appropriate insurance. For a seamless trip, you can also select an additional driver. For this choice and price, please check the terms and conditions of the car rental provider of your preference.

Before you embark on your journey, check the car’s service history to ensure it has been correctly maintained and will get you to your destination. If you hire your 9-seater minivan from a well-known car rental company, this is typically not a problem. However, if you rent from a lesser-known company, ensure an adequately maintained car.

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental

Whether planning a golf trip with your friends or a holiday with the whole family, we compare a wide range of low-cost 9-seaters for rental from brands you can trust, like Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise and many more. We’re confident that we have an affordable 9-seater option for self-drive or with a driver that matches your requirements perfectly.

Check for our premium cover options if you’re scanning for a 9-seater hire with no excess or deposit.

All 9-seaters on our website incorporate a price match guarantee and free cancellation. So you can change your mind and cancel your rental with a full reimbursement up to 48 hours before you pick up the vehicle.

Are you trying to hire a 9-seater with no credit card? We incorporate all the payment alternatives allowing you to pick up your 9-seater hire using a debit card instead. You can locate these options in the filter section on the search page.

Do you want to share the driving experience on your trip? Keep an eye out for special deals on our site for 9-seater hire with free extra drivers included. These bargains can save you money compared to spending additional drivers when you pick up the vehicle. Don’t like driving but love travelling? Please take a look at our offers on 9-seater rentals with a driver.

We only incorporate 9-seaters with a fair full-to-full fuel policy. You’ll pick up the vehicle with a full tank and should return it full. A small deposit for the fuel will be kept on your credit card when you collect the vehicle and a rebate when you drop it off with a full tank. Look out for full-to-empty fuel agreements at a lower price on other sites. Full to empty usually means you should anticipate some hefty additional fees for fuel. We suggest always checking the terms and conditions for full-to-empty rentals.

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