One-way car hire

Would you like to hire a car one-way?

These types of deals are available depending on the location of your pick-up and drop-off. The rates can vary, but if you select the right pick-up and drop-off locations, you may be able to beat getting an excessive one-way service charge.

Why should you consider a one-way car rental?

If you plan to drive long distances, and you are time-poor, then a one-way car hire option is likely to be the ideal solution for you.

In Australia especially, the major capital cities are typically a few hundred or even a thousand kilometres away from each other. This means a one-way drive can set you back 3-11 hours depending on the city ports that you would like to visit, the road that you are travelling on, speed limits, and traffic on the road.

Multiply this by 2 for a round trip and that’s half of your time gone to the commuting time.

Look into one-way car rental options with depots in popular cities.

For car rental depots that have several vehicles located in different parts of Australia, they can coordinate rental runs depending on the availability of the vehicles, drop-off points, and the ability to get the vehicle back to the depot in time for the next rental.

What are some of the popular one-way routes in Australia?

  • Melbourne to Cairns
  • Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Sydney to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Adelaide
  • Melbourne to Perth
  • Darwin to Adelaide
  • Sydney to Canberra

Should you expect to pay a one-way fee?

Yes you should. But the fee price will vary amongst the car rental providers. If you stick to the popular pick-up and drop-off points, then you will be able to get the car rental for a cheaper price.

Ready to get a one-way car hire quote?

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