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There is a large distance when taking a one-way car rental trip from Perth and Adelaide on the map. It can look daunting, but you will be happy to know that there is much to see and do along the way.

This Perth-to-Adelaide road trip is considered a classic part of any trip around Australia, but it is also a great adventure on its own.

It’s impossible to give a daily breakdown of this trip as everyone will have different situations. Ideally, this drive should be nice and slow, with plenty of stops to take a break.

However, this isn’t always possible, and you can make the trip within a short timeframe if you are willing to endure long driving days and cut out some of the stops.

Which Car Rental Company Offers One-Way Car Hire From Perth to Adelaide?

The following car hire companies have depots in Perth and Adelaide and offer one-way car hire. 

  • Budget
  • Europcar 
  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • Keddy

How Long Will it Take to Drive From Perth to Adelaide?

It depends on the route that you decide to take. If you drive along the coastline, the drive will be approximately 33 hours, and the distance will be just under 3200 kilometres. Alternatively, you can take the inland highways, which will reduce the travel time to 28 hours and the travel distance to just under 2700 kilometres.

Why Should You Choose a One-Way Car Hire From Perth to Adelaide?

When travelling in remote and wanderlust-inducing places with hidden gems like a mountain restaurant, hilltop views and stunning waterfalls, choosing a one-way car rental gives you more freedom to explore.

Unlike travelling with your own car, you may stop anytime to wander at any sight you wish to see and look for secret and more remote beauty spots that may be hard to reach by taxi or bus.

What are the Things to Remember When Renting a One-Way Car Hire From Perth to Adelaide?

There are exciting things to see off the beaten path. However, you will need to check the rental agreement to see where to take the vehicle. The rental companies usually have a clause stating whether you can drive the car on unsealed roads.

What Can I See Along the Way?

Adelaide Railway Station
Adelaide Railway Station

Driving from Perth to Adelaide is one of the most epic road trips you can undertake in Australia. It’s also one of the longest and most tiring. Covering a vast distance ranging from a minimum of 2700 kilometres (if you take the quickest route) to 3500 kilometres.

From Perth, you can explore the remarkable beauty of the southwest coast as you pass through the wine country of Margaret River and then along the southern beaches to Albany and Esperance. You will also have the opportunity to cross the Nullarbor, a stretch of road that possesses one of the world’s longest pieces of straight tarmac. You will pass through nothingness before emerging again onto the delightful climes of SA’s coastline.

Margaret River

Margaret River is a food and wine paradise. You can explore the local vineyards, see chocolate factories and appreciate the delights of the farmer’s market if you’re here on the weekend. There’s also some lovely coastline close to the town, and you can encounter the local stingrays at Hamelin Bay or dolphin and whale watch at Augusta.


Albany is the oldest city in Western Australia, beating Perth by a good few years. This coastal city overlooks King George Sound, where you’ll frequently spot whales passing through.

Close to Albany, you can enjoy the area’s breathtaking scenery. Visit Torndirrup National Park, where you can admire the power of the stormy southwest seas as waves smash into the dramatic shoreline.


Drive the coastal road by Esperance for incredible vistas and spend your days lounging on beaches. It’s a great holiday destination, making Esperance one of the highlights of a journey from Perth to Adelaide. 


The town of Norseman is the last stop before Nullarbor. At first glance, it seems almost deserted, but Norseman was once one of the biggest towns in the state. Norseman has a captivating history, but you don’t need to spend too long before driving east towards Adelaide.

Nullarbor Plain

Nullarbor Plain is not really a stop but more of a continuous, overland drive. It boasts a vast emptiness that can either be the highlight of your journey from Perth to Adelaide or something you must endure.


Ceduna is a small coastal town in South Australia. It features a picturesque view of the south coast begins.

Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is situated at the southern end of the Lower Eyre Peninsula and claims to be the nation’s ‘Seafood Capital. You can indulge yourself in more freshly caught seafood here. At the same time, you have abundant beautiful national parks to explore nearby. This includes the Coffin Bay National Park and Lincoln National Park.

Port Augusta

Located at the top of the peninsula, Port Augusta makes for a fantastic last stopover before you drive to Adelaide the next day. 

Port Augusta makes for a fantastic base from which to explore the nearby Flinders Range. You can also see the Wadlata Outback Centre to learn more about life in remote Australia. 

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