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Western Australia provides seemingly endless options for unique and inspiring road trip ideas.

A Perth-to-Broome road trip is an excellent opportunity to experience and learn about the region’s ancient history and indigenous culture. There are also numerous WA accommodation options between this city and town, including caravan and camping parks.

The distances between towns in the North West are tremendous, so thorough planning and preparation are necessary. Use our suggested Perth-to-Broome road trip guide for a unique self-drive trip, and take it at your own pace.

Which Car Rental Providers Offer One-Way Car Hire From Perth to Broome?

There are two car hire companies that offer one-way car hire and depots from Perth to Broome. They are:

  • Avis
  • Hertz

How Long Does It Take to Drive from Perth to Broome?

Travelling from Perth to Broome is undoubtedly an epic road trip and one not to be taken lightly. If you are driving an average of two to three hours per day, you can reach your destination in at least one week. What’s great is that you can visit and explore these suggested stops::

  • Cervantes
  • Jurien Bay
  • Horrocks Beach
  • Geraldton
  • Kalbarri
  • Carnarvon
  • Coral Bay
  • Karratha
  • Port Hedland

We recommend taking a more leisurely pace and making it a ten-day or even a two-week journey Perth to Broome. With enough time to stop, you can take in the many sights and enjoy day trips to Monkey Mia, Exmouth, and more.

Why Should You Consider a One-Way Car Hire From Perth to Broome?

There are a few exciting things you can do and majestic places to visit when you travel from Perth to Broome. This is regardless of what driving route you decide to take. However, many locals suggest visiting the stops mentioned above for your enjoyment, taking the journey for at least one week.

A Quick Comparison With Other Forms of Transportation?

We’ve provided a table below that will help you compare the value of each transportation mode.

Transportation ModeTime DurationEstimated Price
Car Hire (7 days)24 hours$2268+
By Air 2 hours and 40 minutes$458+
By Bus35 hours$355
One-way travel options from Perth to Broome

If you were only to take the vehicle for a day, the value wouldn’t be worthwhile. However, if you decide to take the vehicle for more than five days, you will get your money’s worth since you will have the vehicle for longer. It also enables you to explore more of the Australian landscape.

What Can I See Along the Route?

A one-way car rental trip  from Perth to Broome will take at least seven days. Still, we recommend taking a few extra days for your driving adventure to take in some of the premier sights, day trips, coastal landscapes, top beaches, townships, geological wonders, vistas, and attractions WA has to offer.

You could even make this road trip part of a more extensive trip and connect to one of the other best drives in WA.

Some great stops along the drive from Perth to Broome include:


Cervantes is a small fishing village and the gateway to Australia’s Coral Coast region. On weekends, families from Perth head to this village for time-out, fishing, and scouring the national parks.

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are impressive natural limestone structures, formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago after the sea receded and left deposits of sea shells. Over time, coastal winds removed the surrounding sand, leaving the pillars exposed to the elements.

The Pinnacles, Western Australia
The Pinnacles, Western Australia

Image credit: Image by xiSerge from Pixabay

Jurien Bay

Located just two hours and 30 minutes drive north of Perth on the Indian Ocean Drive and only 20 minutes north of Cervantes, Jurien Bay is one the world’s top fishing spots. The Jurien Bay Marina provides a haven for a large number of crayfish boats.


Geraldton in Western Australia is an excellent destination for those who want to enjoy the outdoors. More than that, this vibrant coastal city has a laid-back vibe that draws people to visit and stay for an extended time.


From the rugged inland gorges and dramatic coastal cliffs to sensational beaches and tranquil Murchison River, Kalbarri is unique and has something to offer everyone.

Monkey Mia

Best known as the home to the Monkey Mia Dolphins, Monkey Mia is also the perfect place to unwind and discover the surrounding area’s wonders.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a laid-back small settlement that makes you feel cozy as soon as you arrive. It is much more tranquil than Exmouth, which attracts backpackers and people who live the ‘van life’.

Eighty Mile Beach

Located between Port Hedland and Broome, Eighty Mile is the longest uninterrupted beach in Western Australia. It stretches 220 kilometres (almost 137 miles) and serves as a sanctuary for anglers, shell collectors, and beach fossickers. It is also a wonderful camping area, and you can be lucky to encounter thousands of migratory birds if you come here on their annual migration.


Awe and ore can be encountered in equal measure in Karratha. Known for its iron ore operations, this is the gateway to the marine-life-rich Dampier Archipelago, the world’s most unusual prehistoric rock engraving site, Karijini’s four billion-year-old adventure playground, and Millstream’s Chichester National Park. It’s also one of the few places to witness the Staircase to the Moon.

You’ll be taking in unique North West scenery, gorges and ancient rock formations, delightful towns, breathtaking beaches, outback scenery and starry night skies.

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