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Driving from Perth to Kalgoorlie is an adventurous way to experience the Great Southern Region. It can be done in six hours if you are in a hurry, but you’ll enjoy some of the most spectacular natural attractions Australia offers if you have time to spare.

Several self-drive routes are readily available to plan where and how to spend the 593-kilometre journey. Guided by the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, this incredible road trip is excellent for those interested in Western Australia’s rich mining history. 

Throw in plenty of serene walk trails, the unique Kalgoorlie Super Pit and a few lovely farm towns, and you’ve got a fascinating, jam-packed Goldfields itinerary.

Which Car Rental Companies Offer One-Way Car Hire From Perth to Kalgoorlie?

Changes can occur with suppliers and the availability of their rental packages when it comes to one-way car hire, so it always pays to compare. With Car Hire and Rental, you can instantly compare top suppliers that service Perth and Kalgoorlie (both city and airport locations), including:

  • Avis
  • Hertz

Why Should You Choose a One-Way Car Rental Trip From Perth to Kalgoorlie?

There are a few exciting places that you can visit on the way to Kalgoorlie. However, the most significant benefit is saving money by driving several people rather than taking public transport, which can be expensive.

What is the Distance Between Perth and Kalgoorlie?

Driving to Kalgoorlie is the perfect self-drive holiday. Visiting the town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Golden Pipeline will take you approximately 600 km east of Perth.

Don’t let the 6 hours and 30-minute drive put you off. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is worth the trip, recognised as one of Australia’s most distinctive holiday destinations!

Begin your trip by completing a vehicle safety checklist, ensuring your vehicle can hold at least 500 km worth of fuel and handle the rough terrain of the outback.

What to See Along the Way?

There are lots to see and do along the route from Perth to Kalgoorlie. We suggest stopping at the following locations:

Lake Koorkoordine

Lake Koorkoordine comes from the Aboriginal words Koorkoor, meaning ’meat,’ and dine, which means ‘place of’.

Due to water and wind erosion over the years, Lake Koorkoordine is home to mesmerising miniature caves, cliffs and bays. The Lake is a wonderful destination for photographers.

At the north of the lake, a quarry site is intended for use by a proposed air training school. The school never materialised, and the remaining proof is $60,000 worth of engine bed foundations in the middle of the wheat field adjacent to Southern Cross.

Margaret River

One of the world’s most geographically remote wine regions, Margaret River is home to plants and animals that are endemic to the country. In this long, narrow stretch of land, embraced by the Indian and Southern oceans, forests give way to vineyards extending to the sea. 

Once a sleepy neighbourhood of surfers and dairy farmers, Margaret River became a premium wine heavyweight in less than 50 years, where locals and tourists come for scenic wineries, world-class beaches, ancient forests, caves, and an abundance of local seafood.

Ettamogah Pub in Cunderdin

You certainly won’t miss one landmark when you visit Cunderdin, which is its brightly coloured and rather unusual Ettamogah Pub. 

Based on the well-known comics made by Ken Maynard, the pub is not only a wonder for tourists but an important central hub for citizens in the Shire. Drop in for a drink or relish a great meal in the restaurant open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Stretching from north to south across Western Australia is a flimsy 3256 km barbed-wire fence. They pitched the fence in the early 1900s to keep wild rabbits out of farmlands on the continent’s western portion. 

Today, the Rabbit Proof Fence, now called the State Barrier Fence, stands as an obstacle to entry against all interfering species, such as dingoes, kangaroos and emus, which destroy crops and wild dogs which attack livestock.

Karalee Rocks

Karalee Rocks were developed as a catchment and reservoir for steam trains in the 1890s. It is located in the Yilgarn region of Western Australia between the Wheatbelt and Goldfields in Kaprun Country.

As a stop on the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, visitors can enjoy this special place and learn about its fascinating history on two interpreted trails.

Karalee Rocks is an essential part of the story of the Eastern Goldfields Railway, the development of the goldfields and the state. It is associated with the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme, one of the late nineteenth century’s most ambitious engineering and infrastructure schemes.

Super Pit

The Super Pit in Kalgoorlie is the biggest open-pit gold mine in Australia and one of the largest in the world. A canyon-size hole excavated by house-size machines is large enough to be observable from space.

It’s a hard burn from Perth. A nearly straight line heading east and changing across the searing flat of Western Australia. You can see gold (or you can hope so) in the vast distance.

Machines the size of buildings work around the clock, carrying dirt laced with promise.

A Quick Comparison With Other Forms of Transportation?

We’ve provided a table below that will help you compare the value of each transportation mode.

Mode of TransportationTime DurationEstimated Price
Car Hire (3 Days)6 hours and 20 minutes$744+
Flight1 hour and 5 minutes$418
Train7 hours$90.80

If you’re travelling with four or five people, you will save more money by hiring a car, and you will be able to experience more on your trip. It will also be worth having the flexibility to stop and stretch your legs at your convenience.

Compare and save on your one-way car hire with Car Hire and Rental!

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