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Start your road trip adventure with a van rental that you can rely on. The world’s exciting, eclectic landscape is made for exploring, so Car Hire and Rental offers you some fantastic deals on van rentals. The Southern states are ideal for campers because of their untouched wilderness and scenic changes in their landscape. On the other hand, the Coastal regions are suitable for summer outings, while the Tropical states are best explored during the dry season.

If this is your first time hiring a van, it can be pretty intimidating.

To do this, you will first have to make sure that you select the correct size van, then load it, and then you will have to drive it! However, it’s easier than it might appear.

It’s easy, affordable, and quick to rent a van, and with a bit of care, they’re as safe as a car, as most can be driven with a regular licence.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Van

Hiring a van can be beneficial during many situations, from corporate business use to memorable occasions, but are you aware of how convenient they could be for you? We have summarised the reasons why people most typically rent our vans.


Staycations are proving increasingly famous, especially today. With the option of van rental available, there is no need to cram the whole family’s belongings into the boot, the footwells and onto people’s laps for that long trip across the country for your getaway. With different sizes available, you could opt to hire a van that fits your sized group and luggage, allowing each passenger to travel in ample comfort whilst knowing that their luggage is stored safely in the back of the vehicle.

Airport trips 

Large group holidays include considerable amounts of cases and bags. Hiring a van would enable all baggage to be stored safely within one vehicle, altering the number of cars you would need to travel in, saving money on petrol and reducing pollution. Long-lasting trips abroad or one-way ticket journeys also often come with excessive luggage. Van rental would allow you to safely stow and secure numerous suitcases and baggage inside the vehicle, enabling you to head to the airport safely and comfortably.

Uni move

Moving to University often indicates carrying your entire bedroom to the other end of the country and a lot of emotion. On motorways, you frequently see cramped families who have squeezed themselves into over-packed cars filled with kitchen utensils, duvets, entire wardrobes and a stock of other belongings, most of them producing more than one trip. Van rental would enable you to travel in comfort, knowing that your belongings are stowed safely in the back of the van, saving time on loading and travelling and allowing the uni-moving experience to become more effortless for everyone involved.

Moving home

It is one of the most prevalent rental reasons. Many reach out to professional removal companies when resettling, which is often unnecessary, particularly if you are moving to a nearby property. With a level of help and strength between you, loading up a rental van and taking your belongings to the new home yourself frees up additional opportunities, such as the freedom to travel back and forth as often as you desire while not having to fit into a company’s schedule.


There are numerous events where van rental could benefit you, from a gig with a band’s entourage and their untold kit to special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties with enough decorations to pack a large room. Any event could benefit from the extra portable storage space of a van. Safely load and store your event equipment and bring it on the road with you.


It is common for businesses to rent a van for short-term situations, such as corporate events, meetings or relocations. Long-term van rental could produce money savings for your business. When purchasing a vehicle, you are needed to invest in it, while renting removes those additional costs of insurance, tax and MOT, resulting in a cost-effective business option.

If you are preparing for a trip that would benefit from van hire, don’t hesitate to contact our Car Hire and Rental team, who can offer helpful and honest advice about the vehicle that would match your requirements.

What Certain Type and Size of Rental Van Do I Need?

There are five different sizes of a van used by van rental companies. All of these can be driven with a regular driving licence.

We’ve detailed typical dimensions (length x width x height) for the load compartment in brackets next to each type of van.

  • Small vans (1.7m x 1.49m x 1.2m)
  • Medium vans(short wheelbase) (2.4m x 1.7m x 1.4m-1.65m)
  • Large vans(long wheelbase) (3.5-4m x 1.7m x 1.7m)
  • Extra-long wheelbase vans (4-5m x 1.7m x 1.8m)
  • Luton/Box Vans (4m x 2m x 2.2m)

Except for the Luton, an excellent box shape since the wheels are located below the body; most vans are narrower where the rear wheel angles protrude into the van body.

Measure the largest object you will bring to determine the amount of space you require in the cargo compartment. You’ll also have to think about all the other stuff that needs to be arranged around it – can they all be piled up high and laid side by side, or must they be kept upright in a specific manner?

You need to know the minimum length and width required for the load compartment. If you need to transport a 3m piece of wood, the load compartment must be at least 3m long. This term refers to a van that is a long wheelbase, extra long wheelbase or Luton.

Similarly, measure how wide the stuff you want to transport is. It needs to fit through your van’s rear entry, which is generally slightly narrower than its load space.

Picking Up Your Rental Van

You should be shown the van when you pick it up, just like when you pick up a hire car, so that you can check it for damage.

The insurance excess will be used to pay for any damage to the van, regardless of whether or not it is your fault and should be well understood. You may lessen this excess depending on how much extra insurance is offered.

It would be best if you were shown how to use the tail lift correctly and how to secure it while travelling when you have hired a Luton van equipped with a tail lift. Ask if this still requires to be demonstrated. Getting it wrong could have serious consequences.

Driving and Fuelling a Rental Van

The modern van is more and more like a car when steering and driving a van. Today, most have short gear levers fitted on the van’s dashboard. Almost all vans now possess car-like steering wheels and high-quality power steering systems.

One of the biggest dangers when operating a van is to be caught out by its large size while driving it.

There is usually no issue with length when driving, but height and width can be a problem. If you don’t know the gap’s width, don’t try to squeeze through it. Avoid 6-foot 6-inch width limitations since they are challenging or impossible for most vans to pass through.

You need to be aware of the van’s height. Most are 2m or higher, and only a tiny portion will fit under any height barrier in a car park. It would be best if you also considered bridges that are too low.

On the dashboard of numerous hire vehicles, a label (usually a sticker) indicates the van’s height. If you cause any damage due to overhead obstructions, you are accountable.

It is almost always the issue that vans that are hired are diesel-powered. The filler cap is typically somewhere on the front half of the van. The fuel tanks of bigger vans are generally larger, ranging from 60 to 70 litres of capacity. You can estimate the fuel costs of a long trip in advance and figure out the entire hire cost if you budget for 30mpg (6.8 miles/litre) for long trips.

Packing & Loading a Rental Van

These packing and loading advice will help you move house yourself:

  • Be mindful when packing. The bottom of the boxes should hold heavy objects, while the top should include lighter items. That way, the box will be manageable and away from the risk of breaking.
  • You can use tea towels or newspapers for wrapping anything fragile. They will be safer if they are placed standing, not piled on top of each other.
  • You can use old sheets or blankets in the van to protect against scratching the furniture.
  • It is possible to pack the drawers and use them as storage space. Carrying them individually from the van would be best if they are not slipping out while you are driving.
  • The objects at the bottom of the pile should withstand the objects’ weight when stacked. It is crucial to place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the pile so they will not be top-heavy, pushing them to fall over.
  • You can use straps or rope if you need to tie more oversized items, such as wardrobes, to the side of your van. If it can move, it will certainly move.

Looking for Van Hire? 

Serving the people, Car Hire and Rental has built a long-standing reputation for providing affordable rental vehicles in excellent condition to match the needs of everyone. 

Why Choose Car Hire and Rental

Car Hire and Rental is ideal for a family getaway, an adventure with mates, or a couple’s escape. With lots of space for the grown-ups, the young ones, and even the dog, our fully-fitted vans have everything you need for unscripted holiday adventures. 

Experience the freedom of the open road by selecting Car Hire and Rental van hire for your next holiday. Car Hire and Rental has been assisting guests in creating fun road trip memories. No matter what road trip you venture on, Car Hire and Rental has the right vehicle for you!

As an established rental company, we deliver high-quality vehicles whenever you rent. You can relax in your home away from home and witness the world’s wonders at your own pace with a van hire.

Book and travel with confidence when you choose Car Hire and Rental.

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